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Problem No. 1

Sara filia Johanis Dearnaley et
???* Uxor; de Glossop baptis; 8vo

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see Sara's page for more info.

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Problem No. 2

Current transcription:
February the xxiith 1655
The daye (and) yeare above written Margret the wife of
John Derneli (and) daughter to John Smith of ????? houses in the
p(ar)ish of Mottram with her ch(ildre)n, beinge destitute of habitation
was commited by command from the constable of Glossop to the
next overser in the sayd p(ar)ish of Mottram beinge the last
plase both of her birth and habitation.

"John Smith of ????? houses"
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see Margaret's page for context

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Problem No. 3

Where was Gant ?:

re: Henry Dearnaly (1779-1831)
At a couple of Henry's children's baptisms his abode was "Gant"
(presumably in Mirfield Parish).
But where was "Gant" - Google is currently flummoxed !

Any suggestions?

see Henry's page for context

Solved by: ?????

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