Early Dearnleys
Wills of Glossop and District Families
Dearnley 1600 - 1699
William ROBINSON of Blackshaw
Glossop: 5 February 1623/4

In the name of god amen the xviijth day of December 1623 I willm ROBINSON of the Blackshawe in the pishe of glossoppe and Countie of Darbie sicke in bodie but in good and pfect Remembrance thankes be to god theirfore doo Constitute and make this my last will and Testament in forme as hereafter doth followe viz first I give and bequeth my soule into the hands of almightie god my saviour and Redeemer causinge by the merites of his bludie death and passion to be one of the member of those that shalbe saved and my bodie to be buried in the hyghe Church yord of Glossoppe when it shall please god to seperate my soule and bodie assunder and for the discharginge of my temporall goods my will and mynd ys that Anne ROBINSON my wyfe shalbe my Executrix and have all my whole goods movable and unmovable Chatteles and Catteles whatsoever faringe that I give and bequeth unto Elizabeth ROBINSON the daughter of John ROBINSON my brother one ewe and also I will that Anne my wyfe shall give and Assigne all her whole Interest and estate that she hath or maye have at her deathe in my Cottage house and truste at the nooke lyinge and beinge in copyfold hurst and in my Intacke lyinge at the blackshawe in glossoppe unto thaforesayd Elizabeth ROBINSON yt the sayd Elizabeth be the livinge also I will Anne ROBINSON my wyfe that yf it be her so mynd for to set and let that house and grounde or ^ cannot read the interline text^ [       ] beinge at the blackshawe and to [go] awaye from it that shee shall set and let the sayd house and grounde unto Oliver DEARNLIE of the blackshawe yf the sayd Oliver will give unto her the sayd Anne as much as an other man will doo for the same witnesses to this my Last will and testament Robart HAIGHE and Oliver DEARNLIE of the blackshaw A true and pfect Inventorie of all the goodes and Catteles of Willia ROBINSON of the Blackshaw waller deceassed psed the xviith daye of December by John ROBINSON Tho YEVLIE Robert HAIGHE and Oliver DEARNLIE (not transcribed, valued @ xvij£-0-vjd)  [£17 0s 6d]
debts which the sayd W ROBINSON doth owe  
to John DEARNLIE v£ xvs  [£5 15s]
to Oliver DEARNLIE 0 iijs iiijd   [3s 4d]
to W WAGSTAFFE 0 ijs   [2s]
to the wyfe of Jo GARLICKE js iiijd   [1s 4d]
to Edward GARLICKE ijs viijd   [2s 8d]
  vj£ iiijs iiijd   [£6 4s 4d]
Cleare goods 10-16-02

source: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~dusk/wills.glossop.html
note: According to the 'Purchasing Power' calculator on  measuringworth.com
the debt to John Dearnlie [£5 15s] was worth £10,814 at 2008 values (based on average earnings).
The debt to Oliver Dearnlie [3s 4d] was worth £313.