The Lusitania
a small Dearnley connection
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Liverpool, England to New York

17 April 1915
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Chairs and Rugs
May Be Hired at a Cost of 4/-{or$1} each on application to the Deck Steward.
Each rug is contained in a sealed cardboard box, and bears a serial number worked into the material so that passengers will have no diffuculty in identifying their rugs. At the end of each voyage, the rugs which have been in use, are sent to the store and thoroughly cleaned before being re-issued.

The "Lusitania" carries an orchestra of highly-trained musicians, which will play at the undermentioned times and places:

  10:00  to    11:00 a.m.       Second Class Dining Saloon
   1:00  to     2:10 p.m.       First Class Dining Saloon
   3:30  to     4:00 p.m.       Second Class Dining Saloon
   7:10  to     8:45 p.m.       First Class Dining Saloon.
   9:00  to    10:00 p.m.       First Class Lounge.
Cunard Line.
Inaugurated 4th July, 1840
List of Second Cabin Passengers
Per R.M.S. "Lusitania,"
W.T. Rurner, R.N.R.
J.G. Anderson.
Chief Engineer -A. Bryce  Chief Officer-J.T.Piper
Surgeon-J.F.McDermott  	Purser-J.A.McCubbin
Asst.Surgeon-J.Garry  2nd Purser-P.Draper
Chief Steward F.V. Jones
Liverpool to New York, April 17th 1915
Passenger list follows, including:
134 Mr  J   Dearnley 
135 Mrs     Dearnley

On it's very next voyage, from New York to Liverpool, the Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-Boat (May 7, 1915).   It sank within 18 minutes eight miles off of the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland, killing  1,198 of the  1,959 people aboard.