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name areas currently looking for:
Adrian Norman Glossop, Glossop Dale (Derbyshire)   Dearnaleys (Glossop) tree1
Ann Dearnaley Hadfield, Glossop, (Derbyshire), Staleybridge (Cheshire), Victoria (Australia)     tree1
Bruce Dearnley Almondbury, Yorkshire - Pennsylvania, USA     tree
Christine Gillies Tintwistle, Cheshire     tree
Chris Newsome Buxton area of Derbyshire Dearnley / Newsome connection ?
Dan Makin Lightcliffe, Yorkshire     tree1
Dawn Halstead Totties, Wooldale, New Mill, Yorkshire     tree
Edward Howard Holme, Yorkshire   Jenny and/or Jane Dearnaley (c.1791-)
Faith Smith Micklehurst / Stayley, Cheshire     tree
Janet Davies Micklehurst / Stayley, Cheshire     tree
Glen Staff Australian Dernelleys     tree
Ian Goddard Holme Valley, Austonley     tree1
Judith & Robert Armstrong Kirkburton, Yorkshire (Darnley connection)     tree
Lyn Owers Ingbirchworth, Yorkshire     tree
Lyndsey Dearnley Worsbrough, Yorkshire   Abraham Dearnley (c.1805-) from Holmfirth, Yorkshire tree
Mark Dearnley Rochdale, Staleybridge, Micklehurst, Mottram in Longdendale
(mostly Lancashire & Cheshire)
  Relatives/descendants of Frank Dearnley (b. 1900) son of William Dearnley and Anne Jane Waugh. tree
Martin Dearnley Sandal Magna, Crigglestone, Chapelthorpe, (Yorkshire)     tree
Philippa Coleman Bolsover, Derbyshire / Cuckney, Nottinghamshire     tree
Russ Preston Glossop - Geelong (Australia)     tree
Stephen Dearnley Meltham, Yorkshire   Looking for further details of the Meltham branch tree
Timothy Dearnley Almondbury, Yorkshire     tree
Wendy Hurst Kellington, Yorkshire     tree

Kathleen Broadbent Lancashire   Lancashire Dennerleys descended from James D. c.1766- & McConnells tree