Noel Frank Dearnley

ID# 3861, b. 2 December 1926, d. about June 1997
Noel Frank Dearnley was born on 2 December 1926 at York, Yorkshire.

Noel Frank Dearnley was the son of Jack Dearnley and Edith Bagnall.

Noel Frank Dearnley died about June 1997 at York, Yorkshire.

Roland Dearnley

ID# 3862, b. about May 1929, d. about November 1929
Roland Dearnley was born about May 1929 at York, Yorkshire.

Roland Dearnley was the son of Jack Dearnley and Edith Bagnall.

Roland Dearnley died about November 1929 at York, Yorkshire.

Norman Young

ID# 3864, b. about 1917, d. September 1979
Norman Young was born about 1917.

Norman Young married Marjory Dearnley, daughter of Edgar Dearnley and Mabel Jane Barraclough, about May 1941 at Upper Agbrigg, Yorkshire.

Norman Young died in September 1979.

Muriel Phoebe Davies

ID# 3865, b. about August 1914
From about May 1942, her married name was Dearnley.
Muriel Phoebe Davies was born about August 1914 at Bridgend R.D., Glamorganshire.

Muriel Phoebe Davies married Ivan George Dearnley, son of George Henry Dearnley and Kathleen Gertrude West, about May 1942 at Surrey.

in 1954
Emigration details removed for 'Living' privacy.

Child of Muriel Phoebe Davies and Ivan George Dearnley

Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley

ID# 3866, b. 23 October 1913, d. 7 February 1997
From 6 March 1946, her married name was Pardoen.
Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley (Pardoen)
Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley was born on 23 October 1913 at Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley was the daughter of George Henry Dearnley and Kathleen Gertrude West.

Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley married Theodorus Johannes Gerardus Pardoen, son of Gerard Pardoen and Jozina van Breemen, on 6 March 1946 at Amsterdam
It was in 1946 when Kathleen Dearnley finally married the love of her life and came to the Netherlands. She had known Theo Pardoen for more than 16 years. My parents to be became pen friends during the late 1920's and their common passion was for music. She played the piano and he the church organ. Their love for music and photography inspired me to make a "family history trail" of stories, music and images.
see Bloodlines and Songlines.

Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley died on 7 February 1997 at Houten, Utrecht, at age 83 years, 3 months and 15 days.

Kathleen Phyllis Dearnley appeared in the 1939 register at
230 Kneller Road, Twickenham M.B., Middlesex.
In September 1939:-

George H Dearnley 04 Dec 1883 Male Foreman Electrician Married
Kathleen G Dearnley 06 Mar 1884 Female Household Duties Married
Kathleen P Dearnley (later Pardoen) 23 Oct 1913 Female Teacher Of Music Single.

Clifford Dearnley

ID# 3868, b. 26 October 1921, d. about November 1985
Clifford Dearnley was born on 26 October 1921 at Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Clifford Dearnley was the son of Isaac Edmund Dearnley and Lillian Waring.

Clifford Dearnley married Alma Sanderson about February 1967 at Staincross R.D., Yorkshire.

Clifford Dearnley died about November 1985 at Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Clifford Dearnley appeared in the 1939 register at
135 Park Lane, Darton U.D., Yorkshire.
In September 1939:-

Isaac E Dearnley 12 Mar 1888 Male Colliery Road Layor(?) & Rope Slicer Underground Married
Lillian Dearnley 15 Jun 1891 Female Unpaid household duties Married
Alfred Dearnley 01 Jan 1920 Male Haulage Hand Underground Single
Clifford Dearnley 26 Oct 1921 Male Battery Charger Wireless Shop (Unemployed) Single
Ellen Waring 12 Jul 1864 Female Unpaid Household Duties Widowed.

Gillian Rita Sanderson

ID# 3870, b. 21 May 1948, d. August 1997
From about May 1971, her married name was Dearnley.
Gillian Rita Sanderson was born on 21 May 1948.

Gillian Rita Sanderson died in August 1997 at Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, at age 49 years and 2 months.