Eric Dearnley

ID# 13181, b. 5 July 1907, d. May 1983
Eric Dearnley was born on 5 July 1907 at Burnley, Yorkshire, England.

Eric Dearnley was the son of Walter Dearnley and Emily Harrison.

in 1926 Eric Dearnley lived at 1 Acres Street, Knowle Park, Keighley, Yorkshire, England.

Eric Dearnley emigrated on 10 June 1926 to Quebec, Canada.
Name:      Eric Dearnley               Gender: Male
Age: 19
Departure Date: 10 Jun 1926          Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Destination Port: Quebec, Canada     Ship Name: Doric
Shipping Line:      White Star Line          Official Number: 147215
Master: S Bolton
Last UK residence: 1 Acres Street, Knowle Park, Keighley, Yorks.
Occupation: Clerk
Country of intended future residency: Canada.

Eric Dearnley married Gladys Mildred Duncan, daughter of Alfred Duncan and Emma Hunt, about 1929.

Eric Dearnley emigrated on 1 May 1930 to 658 St. Clair Ave, Grosse Point, Michigan, USA.
from Gladys' arrival card.

about 1940
Eric is referred to in the following articles:

Detroit Free Press - May 23, 1952, Page 5
'Also testifying against Sweet was Eric Dearnley, an admitted former Communist, who said Sweet recruited him Into the party In 1940.'


United States House of Representatives Subcommittee of the Committee on Un-American Activities, Detroit, Mich.
PUBLIC hearing

'Mr. Tavenner: Will you please identify for the committee the
names of those whom you can recall that you met as members, either
of the Fred Douglas Club or the Fourteenth Congressional Club?

Mrs. Baldwin: Yes. Hope Smith and Harold Smith, her husband.
Stanley Adamski. Nick Swetnick. Nick Baltic, who was sometime
in 1945 transferred out of the Fourteenth to Pittsburgh, Pa., where he
became at that time a leader in the Yugoslav Congress. A. Monicelo-
vich, he was a member who attended now and then but not too well
known. Daniel Trees, who has a furniture store, was very active in
the Yugoslav Congress and also belonged to what they called the
Century Club of the Communist Party.

Mr. Tavenner: Let me ask you — no, go ahead and I will come back
to the question.

Mrs. Baldwin: Eric Dearnley, who was at one time an officer of the
Plymouth Local 51. He was then active in the Fourteenth Congres-
sional Club; however, upon losing his post through elections of local
51, he became inactive and some argument within the party caused
him to drop out.'

Eric Dearnley died in May 1983 at Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA, at age 75 years and 9 months.

Eric Dearnley appeared in the 1911 census at
39 Dorset Street, Rose Grove, Burnley, Lancashire, England.
On 2 April 1911:-

DEARNLEY, Walter Head Mar 30 Blacksmith Engineering at Millwrights Haworth, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Emily Wife Mar 6 yrs 31 Cotton Winder Hainworthshay, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Eric Son - 3 - Burnley, Lancashire

RG number: RG14 Piece: 24849 Registration District: Burnley
Sub District: West Ward Enumeration District: 26 Parish: Burnley
Address: 39 Dorset St, Rose Grove, Burnley, Lancashire.

Eric Dearnley appeared in the 1940 US census at
Tract 872, Grosse Pointe, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.
On 1 April 1940:-

Dearnley, Eric      Head     32      England      Final Assem. Motor Co
Dearnley, Gladys      Wife     28      Canada      
Dearnley, Ronald     Son     9     Michigan
Dearnley, Edward      Son     8      Michigan

City/Township: Tract 872, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe City
County: Wayne       State: Michigan.

Child of Eric Dearnley and Gladys Mildred Duncan

Annice Dearnley

ID# 13182, b. 25 November 1880, d. February 1969
Annice Dearnley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Annice Dearnley was born on 25 November 1880 at Rhode Island, USA.

Annice Dearnley was buried in February 1969 at Moshassuck Cemetery, Lonsdale Avenue, Central Falls, Rhode Island, USA.

Annice Dearnley died in February 1969 at Central Falls, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, at age 88 years and 2 months.

Arthur Dearnley

ID# 13183, b. 17 February 1905, d. November 1971
Arthur Dearnley was born on 17 February 1905 at Massachusetts, USA.

Arthur Dearnley died in November 1971 at Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA, at age 66 years and 8 months
age: 66.

Richard Francis Dearnley

ID# 13185, b. 24 December 1917, d. October 1986
Richard Francis Dearnley was born on 24 December 1917 at Massachusetts, USA.

Richard Francis Dearnley was the son of Edward James Dearnley and Myra Viola Shaw.

Military Service:
Richard Francis Dearnley began military service on 6 April 1942
U.S. Army.

End of Military Service:
Richard Francis Dearnley ended military service on 17 October 1945.

Richard Francis Dearnley married Martha E (?) about 1946
An online source gives this marriage to "Martha Hall". However, all the other information on the page is inaccurate, so my suspicious nature only includes this as a note! - MED.

in 1959 Richard Francis Dearnley lived at Riverside, East Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Richard Francis Dearnley died in October 1986 at East Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, at age 68 years and 9 months.

Richard Francis Dearnley was buried on 18 October 1986 at Swan Point, Blackstone Boulevard, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Richard Francis Dearnley appeared in the 1920 US census at
North Attleborough, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA.
On 15 January 1920:-

Edward J Deamley           Head     33     Mar     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: Rhode Island          Spoon Maker, Silver Shop
Edward J Deamley           Son     6     Sngl     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts     
Richard F Deamley           Son     2     Sngl     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts     
Ella F Deamley           Mother     59     Wid     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: England     
Claribel Deamley           Sister     29     Sngl     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: Rhode Island           Packing Silver, Silver Shop

Res: North Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
14/15 Jan 1920.

Richard Francis Dearnley appeared in the 1930 US census at
North Attleborough, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA.
On 1 April 1930:-

Edward Dearnley      Head     43     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: Rhode Island          Silver Smith factory
Jeanne Dearnley      Wife     43     Scotland          fa: Scotland     mo: Scotland
Edward Dearnley      Son     16     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts
Richard Dearnley      Son     12     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts.

Richard Francis Dearnley appeared in the 1940 US census at
North Attleborough, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA.
On 14 April 1940:-

Jeanne Dearnley      Head     56     Wid     Scotland          Brush Maker - At Home
Richard Dearnley      Son     22     Sngl     Massachusetts     Duco(?) Sprayer - Tennis Raquet Factory.

(?) (?)

ID# 13186, b. about 1838
(?) (?) married Mary Carroll Dearnley.

(?) (?) was born about 1838.

Mary Carroll Dearnley

ID# 13188, b. 1838
Her married name was (?)
Mary Carroll Dearnley married (?) (?)

Mary Carroll Dearnley was born in 1838 at Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA.

Lida Dearnley

ID# 13190, b. 22 November 1910, d. 8 May 1999
Lida Dearnley was also recorded as Lydia.
She was also recorded as Lidia.
Lida Dearnley was born on 22 November 1910 at Tunkhannock, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Lida Dearnley died on 8 May 1999 at age 88 years, 5 months and 16 days.