Abel Dearnaley

ID# 2771, b. July 1829, d. 16 October 1831
Abel Dearnaley was born in July 1829 at Derbyshire, England.

Abel Dearnaley was the son of William Dearnaley and Betty Warhurst.

Abel Dearnaley was baptised on 1 August 1829 at Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

Abel Dearnaley died on 16 October 1831 at Staley Wood, Glossop, Derbyshire, England, at age 2 years and 3 months.

Annie Ellen Dearnaley

ID# 2772, b. about May 1883, d. about November 1885
Annie Ellen Dearnaley was born about May 1883 at Oldham, Lancashire, England,
Oldham      vol.8d     p.709      1883      Jun      Births.

Annie Ellen Dearnaley was the daughter of Luke Dearnaley and Jane Ann Gant.

Annie Ellen Dearnaley was baptised on 3 June 1883 at Tonge, Alkrington, Lancashire, England.

Annie Ellen Dearnaley died about November 1885 at Oldham, Lancashire, England.

Mary J Dearnaley

ID# 2775, b. about February 1921, d. about August 1921
Mary J Dearnaley was also recorded as Mary J Dearnley.
Mary J Dearnaley was born about February 1921 at Oldham, Lancashire, England,
Indexed as Mary J Dearnaley.

Mary J Dearnaley was the daughter of Sarah Jane Alexander.

Mary J Dearnaley died about August 1921 at Oldham R.D., Lancashire, England,
Indexed as Mary J Dearnley, aged 0.

William Henry Dearnaley

ID# 2776, b. 16 September 1843
William Henry Dearnaley was born on 16 September 1843 at Woolley Bridge, Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

William Henry Dearnaley was the son of William Dearnaley and Betty Warhurst.

in 1847
possibly died 1847 :

Dearnaley, William     Henry Hayfield&c vol.19 p.4[75]8 1847 Jun Deaths.

Mark Dearnally

ID# 2777, b. November 1836, d. 13 December 1837
Mark Dearnally was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Mark Dearnally was born in November 1836.

Mark Dearnally was the son of William Dearnaley and Betty Warhurst.

Mark Dearnally died on 13 December 1837 at Church Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire, England, at age 1 year and 1 month
aged 13 months
Cause of Death: Consumption.

Jenny Broadbent

ID# 2778, b. about 1771
Jenny Broadbent was also recorded as Jinny - from daughter Martha's burial entry.
She was also recorded as Jane Broadbent - from son John's birth entry,
& Jane from son Abraham birth entry & son Thomas' burial record.
From about 1790, her married name was Dearneley.
From about 1790, her married name was Dearnaley.


This might be the Jenny D (widow) who married Nye Willis in 1822.
This would mean that the 1841 census record for William Dearnally aged 75 residing with Betty Dearnally aged 35 in Staley (currently attributed to Jenny's husband) is an erroneous listing with regard to age and the record belongs instead to Jenny's son William Dearnaley c1803, Betty's husband, for whom no other 1841 census record has been found. -JAD
see Jane (?)
see Anne Thompson.

Jenny Broadbent was born about 1771.

Jenny Broadbent was the daughter of Abraham Broadbent.

Jenny Broadbent married William Dearneley, son of William Dearnely the younger and Anna (?), about 1790
Marriage data assumed from the baptismal record of their son John.

13 Feb 1791 - 'John son of William Dearnilly of Hadfield spinner, son of William Dearnilly of Hadfield labourer; and Jenny daughter of Abraham Broadbent of Top o' th' Hill clothier; born 13th Jan 1791.'

Children of Jenny Broadbent and William Dearneley

(?) (?)

ID# 2779, b. about 1863
(?) (?) was born about 1863.

Child of (?) (?) and Annie Dearnaley

William Ramsden

ID# 2780, b. about 1841
William Ramsden was born about 1841.

William Ramsden married Elizabeth (?) about 1861.

in 1883 William Ramsden was a Butcher.

Child of William Ramsden and Elizabeth (?)