George Frederick Dearnley

ID# 3181, b. about May 1897, d. 4 July 1917
George Frederick Dearnley
George Frederick Dearnley was born about May 1897 at Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.

George Frederick Dearnley was the son of John Henry Dearnley and Harriet Ann Dearnley.

in 1914 at Thornton Lodge Road, Crosland Moor, Yorkshire, England.

George Frederick Dearnley died on 4 July 1917 at Flanders, France,
in WW1 - he was underage.

George Frederick Dearnley was buried in 1918 at Plot: II. H. 30., Queant Road (CWGC) Cemetery, Buissy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region, France,

George Frederick Dearnley M.I.
Private G F Dearnley M.I.

Private. No 240340. 2/5th Battalion Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Born Rosebery Street,
Birkby, 10.4.1897. Son of Mr John H. Dearnley, Thornton Lodge Hall, Crosland Moor.
Educated at Almondbury Grammar School. Attended Crosland Moor Wesleyan Church.
Employed as an engineer’s apprentice. Single.
Enlisted August 1914. Killed in action near Bullecourt, 4.7.1917.
Grave location:- Plot 2, Row H, Grave 30.
ROH:- Almondbury Grammar School; Crosland
Moor Wesleyan Church; St. Stephen’s Church,
Rashcliffe; St. Barnabas Church, Crosland
Moor; Huddersfield Drill Hall; memorial in Lockwood Cemetery.

from Huddersfield's Roll of Honour 1914–1922.

George Frederick Dearnley appeared in the 1901 census at
Sufton Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.
On 31 March 1901:-

DEARNLEY, John Hy Head Mar 45 Wool Agent Netherthong, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Harriet A Wife Mar 40 - Meltham, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Henry Son - 12 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Dorothy Dau - 10 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Dora Dau - 8 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, George F Son - 3 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire

RG number: RG13 Piece: 4107 Folio: 148 Page: 47
Registration District: Huddersfield Sub District: Huddersfield
Enumeration District: 32 Ecclesiastical Parish: St Johns
Civil Parish: Huddersfield
Address: Sufton Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire (West riding.)

George Frederick Dearnley appeared in the 1911 census at
47 Park Road, West Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.
On 2 April 1911:-

DEARNLEY, John Henry Head Mar 55 Commissioner Wool Agent Netherthong Yorks
DEARNLEY, Harriet Ann Wife Mar 23 yrs 50 - Meltham Yorks
DEARNLEY, Henry Son Sngl 22 Menders Overlooker Huddersfield Yorks
DEARNLEY, Dorothy Dau Sngl 20 Woolen Mender Huddersfield Yorks
DEARNLEY, Dora Dau Sngl 18 Telephone Operator Huddersfield Yorks
DEARNLEY, George Fredrick Son Sngl 13 School Huddersfield Yorks

RG number: RG14 Piece: 26327 Reference: RG14PN26327 RG78PN1522 RD495 SD9 ED4 SN273
Registration District: Huddersfield Sub District: Lockwood
Enumeration District: 4 Parish: Lockwood
Address: 47 Park Road West Crosland Moor Huddersfield, Yorkshire (West riding.)

Marion Isabel Jamieson

ID# 3182, b. 5 June 1922, d. 5 September 2000
From about 1945, her married name was Dearnley.
Marion Isabel Dearnley (née Jamieson)
Marion Isabel Jamieson was born on 5 June 1922.

Marion Isabel Jamieson married Henry Maxwell Dearnley, son of Henry Dearnley and Jessie Wood Ralph, about 1946.

Marion Isabel Jamieson died on 5 September 2000 at New Zealand at age 78 years and 3 months
age: 78.

Marion Isabel Jamieson was buried on 11 September 2000 at Karori Crematorium, New Zealand.

Children of Marion Isabel Jamieson and Henry Maxwell Dearnley

Ernest Ralph Dearnley

ID# 3184, b. 1915, d. 1987
Ernest Ralph Dearnley also went by the name of Ralph Dearnley - known as.
Ernest Ralph Dearnley

at New Zealand
Legendary radio 'King of Quiz'

'After making landfall in '62 from a five-week sea voyage to a strange land, we were often asked if we were related to a Ralph Dearnley, legendary radio King of Quiz, which possibly gave us a bit of reflected kudos. Although I don't recall ever having heard Ralph's radio broadcasts, I looked him up tonight for the first time in our newspaper files. Not a lot there, and I am sad to report that he died in 1987 aged 72 in Poland after attending a session there of the World Esperanto Congress. The fairly brief mention of his passing reported that he had been a regular panel on the (state broadcasting corporation's) National Programme quiz show, Stump the Brains Trust, and held "numerous prizes" for his powers of recall.

There is also a more fullsome story on the file dated 17 Dec 1969 and headlined "Third World Quiz Win in Row to NZ".
This piece described how the Wellington "wizards of quiz" Mr E.R.Dearnley (we were apparently a bit more formal in our reporting in those days) and a Mr J.W.Winchester took New Zealand to its third successive win in an international radio programme "World Quiz '69". The pair reportedly competed in the finals with teams from Britain and Australia after a 13-week series (which sounds like a right mental slugfest).
The article ponders in the language of the day: "What makes a world-class brain of this nature?" then goes on to quaintly report: "Ralph Dearnley is a bachelor - when he spoke by telephone from Wellington last night he was cooking dinner for 'myself and the cat'." (he sounds like a right character). The paper adds that he has a masters degree in maths, a first degree in science, and that he works as a biometrician - measurer of living things - for the Department of Agriculture. Describes his work as the application of statistical methods to agricultural problems. Denies having a photographic memory "in the accepted sense" as he remembers oral material as well as print.
He is particular about the correct use of language, and that's about it really. He has quite an interesting inquiring-looking face, possibly not visually unattractive to womenfolk despite his "batchelor" status, and I guess we can't assume no progeny just because of that (or am I taking liberties in such cavalier references to our distant kin?)'

source: Mathew Dearnaley.

Ernest Ralph Dearnley was born in 1915.

Ernest Ralph Dearnley was the son of Henry Dearnley and Jessie Wood Ralph.

in 1945
The following officers were elected at the annual meeting of the Wellington Esperanto Club:—President, Mr. Vernon J. Leek; vice-president, Mr. D. Evans; secretary, Mr. R. Dearnley; treasurer, Miss Bessie Ritchie; balance of committee, Miss Shiela Harrington, Messrs. D. MacGill, E. Thawley, E. Bernfeld, J. McLennan, T. Columb.
Evening Post, Volume CXXXVIII, Issue 148, 20 December 1944, Page 9

As a result of a public, meeting held In the supper room of the Khandallah Hall, Ganges Road, on February 20, it was decided to form an Esperanto club, with a provisional committee as follows:—Chairman, Mr. G. Dick; secretary-treasurer, Mr. Cyril Phillips. Miss Anne Crompton-Smith, Messrs. Les Cooper, Ralph Dearnley, and Bruce Hobson.
Mr. Bertram Potts outlined the history of the international language movement, and the birth and progress of Esperanto. Other speakers were Mr. Vernon J. Leek, chief delegate of the International Esperanto League. Messrs. Cyril Phillips, Erwln Bernfeld, and Harry Sansum. Mr. Dick presided. The meeting was convened by the Karori Esperanto Society.
Evening Post, Volume CXXXIX, Issue 46, 23 February 1945, Page 7.

Ernest Ralph Dearnley was living in January 1987 at Wellington, New Zealand.
Ernest Ralph Dearnley died in 1987 at Warsaw, Poland, at age 72 years
‘King of Quiz’
Dies at 72
NZPA Wellington
Mr Ralph Dearnley, the former New Zealand ‘king of quiz’, has died in Warsaw.
Mr Dearnley, aged 72, of Wellington, had been in Poland for the World Esperanto Congress and was about to go on a holiday.
A regular panelist on the now-defunct National Programme quiz show Stump the Brains Trust. Mr Dearnley held numerous prizes for his performances at quiz contests.

Henry Maxwell Dearnley

ID# 3185, b. 8 February 1922, d. 27 August 2001
Henry Maxwell Dearnley was also recorded as Max Dearnley.
Henry Maxwell Dearnley
Henry Maxwell Dearnley was born on 8 February 1922 at New Zealand.

Henry Maxwell Dearnley was the son of Henry Dearnley and Jessie Wood Ralph.

Henry Maxwell Dearnley married Marion Isabel Jamieson about 1946.

Henry Maxwell Dearnley died on 27 August 2001 at Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, at age 79 years, 6 months and 19 days
age: 79.

Henry Maxwell Dearnley was buried on 30 August 2001 at Karori Crematorium, New Zealand.

Children of Henry Maxwell Dearnley and Marion Isabel Jamieson

Jessie Wood Ralph

ID# 3186, b. 1886, d. 13 June 1960
From 1914, her married name was Dearnley.
Jessie Wood Dearnley (née Ralph)
Jessie Wood Ralph was born in 1886.

Jessie Wood Ralph was the daughter of (?) Ralph.

Jessie Wood Ralph married Henry Dearnley, son of John Henry Dearnley and Harriet Ann Dearnley, in 1914 at New Zealand.

Jessie Wood Ralph died on 13 June 1960 at New Zealand at age 74 years
age: 74.

Jessie Wood Ralph was buried on 15 June 1960 at Karori Crematorium, New Zealand.

Children of Jessie Wood Ralph and Henry Dearnley

Garnet George Dearnley

ID# 3188, b. 20 September 1925, d. 21 December 1961
Garnet George Dearnley
Garnet George Dearnley was born on 20 September 1925 at Wellington, New Zealand.

Garnet George Dearnley was the son of Henry Dearnley and Jessie Wood Ralph.

in June 1944
Chronicle and Comment
Soon or late, the Allied soldiery will march through Paris without the assistance of-Hitler's gangsters.
                    * * *
"Timor": If only half the reform movements ever accomplished anything, Hades would be a lonesome place.
                    * * *
"We have suffered, from the Japanese, injuries even greater than those which have aroused the armed wrath of the American Union"
                    * * *
Dear Percy Flage, — Milton talked about the present invasion some 300 years ago:

Oh, how comely it is and how reviving
To the spirits of just men long oppressed,
When God into the hands of their deliverer
Puts invincible might
To quell the mighty of the earth, the oppressor.
With winged expedition
Swift as the lightning glance he executes
His errand on the wicked, who surprised
Lose their defence distracted and amazed.

Best wishes,
     G. G. DEARNLEY.
                    * * *
Evening Post, Volume CXXXVII, Issue 139, 14 June 1944, Page 4.

Garnet George Dearnley married Eveline Dorothea Hubbard on 20 August 1949 at Presbytarian Church, Greytown, Wellington, New Zealand.

on 7 February 1950

S.S. Matua
Departed: 7 Feb 1950

Port of
Embarkation Age Occupation Nationality Destination
Auckland DEARNLEY, Mrs E.D. 24 D.D. British Suva
Auckland DEARNLEY, Mr G.G. 25 Schoolteacher British Suva.

Garnet George Dearnley died on 21 December 1961 at Miri, Sarawak, Borneo, at age 36 years, 3 months and 1 day
The final resting place of the late Garnet George is in Miri, Sarawak. The grace is very well kept and is located right at the centre of Miri City. Next to the cemetry is the St. Columba Kindergarten, a single building which was used by the Allies during WWII. - D.S. family member.

Child of Garnet George Dearnley and Eveline Dorothea Hubbard

Arthur J Porritt

ID# 3189, b. about 1895
Arthur J Porritt was born about 1895.

Arthur J Porritt married Dora Dearnley, daughter of John Henry Dearnley and Harriet Ann Dearnley, about August 1921 at Huddersfield R.D., Yorkshire, England,
Indexed as Arthur J Porritt & Dora Dearnley.

I suspect this may be a mis-reading of "Arthur F" MED.

Arthur J Porritt appeared in the 1939 register at
15 Savile Park Gardens, Halifax C.B., Yorkshire, England.
In September 1939:-

Uncertain about this being the correct entry.
Dora's birth date is too far off her birth registration date. (1Q 1893).

PORRITT, Arthur 31 Aug 1895 Married Building Society, Branch Manager, ARP Warden
PORRITT, Dora 23 Nov 1894 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
1 more person record which is officially closed
Schedule No. 116.