Martha Dearnelly

ID# 12283, b. 12 May 1805
Martha Dearnelly was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Martha Dearnelly was born on 28 December 1804 at Yorkshire, England,
Martha appears to have been bapt in 1805 but DoB is given as 28 Dec 1804. There's a note in parenthesis which I could only partly make out: "(NB ?Due paid to Burton ??? ?????????oning)" The last word could be "reckoning" but there's something else before it. -IG.

Martha Dearnelly was baptised on 12 May 1805 at Holmfirth, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England,
This could be 1804.
The page in question has a heading written in three different hands which says 'Holmfirth 1805 April 1804'. The person who had written in the earlier year continued to do so on subsequent pages. - JAD.

Martha Dearnelly was the daughter of Jonas Dearnelley and Grace Taylor.

Martha Dearneley

ID# 12284, b. 22 June 1791
Martha Dearneley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Martha Dearneley was born on 22 June 1791 at Scholes, Yorkshire, England.

Martha Dearneley was the daughter of William Dearnelley and Hannah Moorhouse.

Martha Dearneley was baptised on 13 July 1791 at Lane Independent, Holmfirth, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England.

Martha Dearnily

ID# 12286, b. 16 April 1735
Martha Dearnily was also recorded as Martha Dearnolly.
She was also recorded as Martha Dearndly.
She was also recorded as Martha Dearnley.
She was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
From 2 February 1771, her married name was Knott.


Martha is placed here on a 'most likely' basis. Her father is recorded as 'John Dearnily'.

Martha Dearnily was born about 1735 at Hyde, Cheshire, England.

Martha Dearnily was baptised on 16 April 1735 at Gee Cross Unitarian-Nc, Hyde, Cheshire, England.

Martha Dearnily was the daughter of John Derneley and Mary Houghton.

in 1771 Martha Dearnily lived at Levenshulme, Lancashire, England.

Martha Dearnily married John Knott on 2 February 1771 at Collegiate Church, Manchester, Lancashire, England,
There are various documents on findmypast (with Martha as Dearnley, Dearnolly and Dearndly) related to this marriage including a marriage bond that names James Dearnelly of Bradbury linen weaver. These documents also state that John Knott was a whitster of Openshaw and Martha was of Leavensholm (ie Levenshulme) at the time of marriage, and both were over 21.

We are assuming that the James D who signed the marriage bond was Martha's brother (presumably in place of her father, who died in 1742)

Thomas Wilby

ID# 12288, b. 1837
Thomas Wilby was born in 1837 at Staley Bridge, Lancashire, England.

Thomas Wilby married Martha Dearnley, daughter of James Dearnley and Rachel Webster, on 1 February 1861 at Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England,
Thomas Wilby 22 Bachelor, Carrier res: Openshaw fa: William Wilby, Tanner
Martha Dearnley 24 Spinster, --- res: Openshaw fa: James Dearnley, Woolcombe
Married by Licence
Both signed - Martha signed 'Martha Dernley'
Witnesses: Joseph Wilby & Caroline Wilby.

Thomas Wilby appeared in the 1861 census at
Openshaw, Lancashire, England.
On 7 April 1861:-

WILBY, Thomas Head Mar 23 Leather... Staley Bridge, Lancashire
WILBY, Martha Wife Mar 22 - Cleckheaton, Yorkshire

Piece: 2873 Folio: 97 Page: 26
Registration District: Chorlton Civil Parish: Openshaw
Address: Varna(?) Street, Openshaw, Lancashire.