Neddy Dernally

ID# 13322, b. July 1772
Neddy Dernally was also recorded as Neddy Dearnillo.
He was also recorded as Neddy Dearnaly.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Neddy Dernally was born in July 1772 at Hightown, Yorkshire, England.

Neddy Dernally was the son of John Dearnaley and Sarah Sheard.

Neddy Dernally was baptised on 16 August 1772 at St. Peter's Church, Birstall, Yorkshire, England,
'Neddy Son of John Dernally of Hightown.'

on 23 April 1788
Neddy Dearnaly apprenticed to Henry Birkby of Birstal, cardmaker.
This gives us a link to Mary Ann Dearnilla (Birstall) 1778 (signed Dearnaly) who married Henry Birkby's son William in 1808. -JAD
see Mary Ann Dearnaly
Mary Ann D was Neddy's 2nd cousin.

in 1792 Neddy Dernally lived at Hightown, Birstall parish, Yorkshire, England.

Neddy Dernally married Elizabeth Mortemer on 8 July 1792 at St. Peter's Church, Birstall, Yorkshire, England,
'Neddy Darnaley of Hightown & Elizabeth Mortemer of Heaton both in the Parish of Birstall & County of York were married in this Church by Licence.'

Both signed: Neddy Dearnaley(?) & Betty Mortemer
Witnesses: Edward Halmshaw & J?? Wood
Birstall, St. Peter - WYBMD record (original.)

about 1800 Neddy Dernally lived at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, England,
Spen Valley: Past and Present, by Frank Peel
Senior and Co., 1893

"Turning to the tradesmen of the town we may say that Obadiah Brook, who occupied a draper's shop at Lane End at the close of the century, was perhaps the oldest. It was at his shop that the painful scene took place described by Thomas Wright in his wearisome account of his family troubles. John Brook—generally called John Maria to distinguish him from others of the name—managed to establish a large business from very humble beginnings. To these must be added another in the trade, the good natured, eccentric Neddy Dernally, who amused a whole generation by his oddities. The principal grocers in Cleckheaton at the time of which we are writing were Charles Knowles, who was also a maltster, and John Jackson. The butchers were Henry Birkby, whose stand was near the top of St. Peg lane, and Henry Firth, whose shop was about where the railway bridge crosses Westgate. The plumbers were William Greaves, who married one of Luke Mallinson's notable family of fourteen daughters, and Peter Snowden, who acted also as postman for a lengthened period."

"Another early Cleckheaton cardmaker was Neddy Dernally, of whom some most amusing tales are told"

Spen Valley: Past and Present by Frank Peel see Google Books.

on 3 January 1802
George Pratt and Sarah Mortimer were married in the Parish of Birstall, by me T. Sedgwick, Assist. Minister. Witnesses, Neddy Dearnaly, Charles Garside
Yorkshire: Hartshead - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages & Burials): 1612-1812.

Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley

ID# 13324, b. 25 March 1778, d. April 1778
Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley was also recorded as Oglethorp Wainman.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley was born in February 1778 at Yorkshire, England.

Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley was baptised on 25 March 1778 at St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton, Yorkshire, England,
'Oglethorp Wainman son of Jos & Ann Dearnley Blacksmith.'

Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley was the son of Joseph Dearnley and Ann Hartley.

Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley died in April 1778 at Cowmes, Lepton, Yorkshire, England.

Oglethorp Wainman Dearnley was buried on 5 April 1778 at Kirkheaton Church, Kirkheaton, Yorkshire, England,
Transcribed as
Oglethorp Wainman, son of Jos Dearnley, Cowmes Lepton.
Kirkheaton Church Burials.

Ruddyard Dernelly

ID# 13326, b. 16 December 1703
Ruddyard Dernelly was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Ruddyard Dernelly was born about November 1703 at Derbyshire, England.

Ruddyard Dernelly was baptised on 16 December 1703 at Bakewell, Derbyshire, England.

Ruddyard Dernelly was the son of Georg Ruddyard and Ann Dearnally.

Georg Ruddyard

ID# 13327, b. about 1675
Georg Ruddyard was also recorded as George Ruddyard.
Georg Ruddyard was born about 1675.

Child of Georg Ruddyard and Ann Dearnally