Unknown Dearnley

ID# 20861, b. about 1847


This is probably Jane or Hannah D (currently shown as sisters).
There is also an "Infant Dearnley, 4 days old" shown in the 1871 census with unknown parents.

Unknown Dearnley was born about 1847.

Unknown Dearnley was the daughter of Abraham Dearnley and Mary Hague.

Child of Unknown Dearnley

Henry Stott

ID# 20862, b. about 1813
Henry Stott was born about 1813.

Henry Stott was a Carter.

Child of Henry Stott

John Hewison

ID# 20863, b. about 1814
John Hewison was born about 1814.

John Hewison was a Cordwainer.

Child of John Hewison

Robert Giggle

ID# 20864, b. about 1810, d. before April 1861
Robert Giggle was born about 1810.

Robert Giggle married Mary (?) about 1831.

Robert Giggle died before April 1861.

Robert Giggle was a Mechanic - recorded at son Saville's 1868 marriage.

Children of Robert Giggle and Mary (?)

Moses Barrowclough

ID# 20865, b. about 1816
Moses Barrowclough was born about 1816.

Moses Barrowclough was a Glazier.

Child of Moses Barrowclough

Jacob Armitage

ID# 20866, b. about 1836
Jacob Armitage was born about 1836.

Jacob Armitage was a Weaver.

Child of Jacob Armitage

Henry Darnley

ID# 20867, b. 1799, d. January 1841
Henry Darnley was also recorded as Harry Darnley.


Possibly the Henry with a daughter Helen who married William Joyce.
see Henry Carey Parrott
If so, then Henry's father is likely to have been '? Parrott', with the Darnley name assumed later for theatrical purposes.


Henry's dates are from the burial record only and are based on 'most likely candidate'.

Henry Darnley was born in 1799.

Henry Darnley was the son of (?) Darnley and Mary Anne Carey.

Henry Darnley married Unknown (?) about 1822.

in 1832 at Richmond, Surrey, England,
We know from a letter from Ann Carey to her son Edmund Kean, that Henry was married with at least two children in 1832 and living with Edmund (in his cottage in Richmond, Surrey).

'Friday, September 7th, 1832.

Dear Edmund,

... " I saw Harry yesterday. His looks are mended since last I saw him. I thank God that you have taken him and his poor chickens under your wing; and I hope that you will hold it over them during the winter.
" I think they have merit which, cheered by your kindness, will show itself. Mrs Darnley is clever in Scotch and Irish characters......

Your affectionate mother,

The Life of Edmund Kean;      From Published and Original Sources. By F. W. Hawkins; published 1835
Vol. II;     page 375
see Google Books.

Henry Darnley died in January 1841 at High Street, St Pancras, London, England, at age 42 years.

Henry Darnley was buried on 17 January 1841 at Saint Pancras Parish Chapel, Saint Pancras, London, Middlesex, England,
recorded as age 42 (FamilySearch.)

Child of Henry Darnley and Unknown (?)

Mary Anne Carey

ID# 20868, b. 30 January 1763, d. 24 May 1833
Mary Anne Carey was also recorded as Nance.
She was also recorded as Nancy.
She was also recorded as Ann Carey.
From about 1797, her married name was Darnley.
Mary Anne Carey was born on 30 January 1763 at New Street, City of London, London, England.

Mary Anne Carey was the daughter of George Savile Carey and Mary Ann Phipps.

Mary Anne Carey was baptised on 24 February 1763 at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London, England.,
'Mary-Anne daughter of George Saville & Mary-Anne Carey -- New Street Jan 30th'

Mary Anne Carey married (?) Darnley about 1797

It is unlikely that this marriage took place.
No birth record has been found for Mary's son, Harry Darnley (1799-).

about 1814
'His performances were therefore continued, and future prospects being now bright with promise, Nance Carey once more appeared on the scene to claim the assistance of her son; not now her only child, for she had, whilst Edmund Kean struggled in the provinces, given birth to two children -- a girl named Phoebe Carey, and a boy called Henry Darnley, both of whom eventually became players. Edmund Kean allowed her a pension of fifty pounds a year from this time until the year of his death.'

The Life and Adventures of Edmund Kean: Tragedian 1787-1833
By Fitzgerald J. Molloy;     Chapter IV p. 116
see Google Books.

in 1814
Ann Carey was an actress in a small way and on 22 Sep 1814 (8 months after Edmund's triumphant London debut) appeared as Mrs Kean on a
playbill for the Theatre, Peckham with a Mr Kean (this may have been Edmund's half brother, Harry Darnley).
This seems to be the only time she did not use Carey as her name.
Web Forum posting.

Mary Anne Carey died on 24 May 1833 at age 70 years, 3 months and 24 days
eight days after the death of her son Edmund Kean.

Child of Mary Anne Carey and Edmund Kean

Child of Mary Anne Carey

Child of Mary Anne Carey and (?) Darnley

Phoebe Carey

ID# 20869, b. about 1795
Phoebe Carey was born about 1795.

Phoebe Carey was the daughter of Mary Anne Carey.

(?) Darnley

ID# 20870, b. about 1795
(?) Darnley was born about 1795.

(?) Darnley married Mary Anne Carey, daughter of George Savile Carey and Mary Ann Phipps, about 1797
It is unlikely that this marriage took place.
No birth record has been found for Mary's son, Harry Darnley (1799-).

Child of (?) Darnley and Mary Anne Carey