James Ryder

ID# 21571, b. 1724
James Ryder was born in 1724
James Ryder (baptised 1724) - SP.

James Ryder was the son of Robert Ryder and Alice (?)

Sarah Ryder

ID# 21572, b. 1726
Sarah Ryder was born in 1726
Sarah Ryder (baptised 1726) - SP.

Sarah Ryder was the daughter of Robert Ryder and Alice (?)

Alice Ryder

ID# 21573, b. about 1722
From about 1744, her married name was Brown.
Alice Ryder was born about 1722.

Alice Ryder was the daughter of Robert Ryder and Alice (?)

Alice Ryder married Edward Brown about 1744.

Edward Brown

ID# 21574, b. about 1722
Edward Brown was born about 1722.

Edward Brown married Alice Ryder, daughter of Robert Ryder and Alice (?), about 1744.

Hannah Dearnley

ID# 21575, b. about 1680, d. 1741
Hannah Dearnley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)


It is currently unknown whether Hannah was a Dearnley or married to a D.
Her Will has not survived ('damp storage').

Hannah Dearnley was born about 1680.

Hannah Dearnley died in 1741 at Blakeley, Lancashire, England,
The Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire - Volume XXV 1892
p. 266 "Infra" Wills, 1741 to 1760
Dearnley, Hannah, late of Blakeley     … 1743 & 1744.

Adeline Boychuk

ID# 21576, b. about 1925
From about 1950, her married name was Kingsley.
Adeline Boychuk was born about 1925.

Adeline Boychuk married Alan Kingsley, son of Raymond Frederick Kingsley and Mary Hannah Dearnley, about 1950.