George Lewis Craven

ID# 21901, b. 1882
George Lewis Craven was born in 1882.

George Lewis Craven married Florence May Chambers, daughter of Thomas Chambers, on 5 October 1925 at St. Stephen's Church, Lindley, Yorkshire, England,
George Lewis Craven 43 Widower, Director res: 15 Virginia Road, Lindley fa: Jonas Craven (deceased), Solicitor
Florence May Darnley 35 Widow, Housekeeper res: 15 Virginia Road, Lindley fa: Thomas Chambers, Motor Builder
Both signed
Witnesses: Henry Holt & Geo W Godfrey.

Ellen Rosson (?)

ID# 21902, b. about 1743, d. April 1786
From 21 October 1764, her married name was Dennale.
Ellen Rosson (?) was born about 1743.

Ellen Rosson (?) married John Dennale on 21 October 1764 at Barthomley, Cheshire, England.

Ellen Rosson (?) died in April 1786 at Cheshire, England.

Ellen Rosson (?) was buried on 18 April 1786 at Barthomley, Cheshire, England,
recorded as: Ellen Dennel, wife of John.

John Dennerley

ID# 21903, b. about 1797
John Dennerley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)


There are a number of John Ds who were recorded as "Dyer" - duplications are likely here.

John Dennerley & ? - son William (1825-) - this one
see John Dennerley

John Dennerley & Ruth Cooper - married 1814 - son William (1824-); Orphaned by 1835
see John Dennerley

John Dennerley & ? - son Francis (1819-)
see John Dennerley

John Dernaley & Elizabeth Allen - married 1804 - probably children missing 1805-1814 & 1818-1822
see John Dernaley

John Dennerley & Hannah - married c.1811 - daughters Ruth (1814-) & Mary (1820-)
see John Dennerley.

John Dennerley was born about 1797.

John Dennerley was a Dyer - recorded at son William's 1851 marriage.

Child of John Dennerley

Valentine Denton

ID# 21904, b. about 1798
Valentine Denton was born about 1798.

Valentine Denton was a Publican - recorded at daughter Elizabeth's 1851 marriage.

Child of Valentine Denton

George Castle

ID# 21905, b. about 1783
George Castle was born about 1783.

George Castle married Mary (?) about 1805.

George Castle was a Clothier - recorded at daughter Lydia's 1850 marriage.

Children of George Castle and Mary (?)

Mary (?)

ID# 21906, b. about 1784
From about 1805, her married name was Castle.


Probably Mary Charlesworth -JAD.

Mary (?) was born about 1784.

Mary (?) married George Castle about 1805.

Children of Mary (?) and George Castle

William Castle

ID# 21907, b. September 1811


We are assuming that William is Lydia's brother from the 1841 & 1861 census entries.

William Castle was born in September 1811 at Wooldale, Yorkshire, England.

William Castle was the son of George Castle and Mary (?)

William Castle was baptised on 4 October 1811 at Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England.

William Castle appeared in the 1841 census at
Scholes, Fulstone, Yorkshire, England.
On 6 June 1841:-
note: Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5.
CASTLE, Willm 25 Woollen Weaver Yorkshire
CASTLE, Lydia 20 Yorkshire
CASTLE, Geoe 5 mo Yorkshire

Piece: 1277 Book/Folio: 4/48 Page: 22
Registration District: Huddersfield Civil Parish: Kirkburton
Address: Scholes, Kirkburton, Fulstone County: Yorkshire.

William Castle appeared in the 1861 census at
26 Town End, Wooldale, Yorkshire, England.
On 7 April 1861:-

26, Town End, Wooldale
DEARNLEY, James Head Mar 38 Coal Miner Wooldale, Yorkshire see James Dearnley
DEARNLEY, Lydia Wife Mar 40 - Hepworth, Yorkshire
CASTLE, George Stepson Unm 19 Coal Miner Hepworth, Yorkshire see George Castle
CASTLE, Benjamin Stepson Unm 16 Pit Boy Cartworth, Yorkshire
CASTLE, Mary Dau Unm 14 Factory Girl Wooldale, Yorkshire see Mary Castle
DEARNLEY, Sayers Son Unm 9 Scholar Wooldale, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Hannah Dau - 5 - Thurstonland, Yorkshire
CASTLE, William Lodger Unm 49 Woollen Clothier Wooldale, Yorkshire see William Castle
28, Town End, Wooldale
DEARNLEY, George Head Mar 32 Coal miner Honley, Yorkshire see George Dearnley
& Local Preacher
DEARNLEY, Susannah Wife Mar 28 - Lepton, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Mary Dau - 9 Scholar Thurstonland,
DEARNLEY, William Son - 7 Scholar Wooldale, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Ann Dau - 4 Scholar Wooldale, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Henry Son - 1 - Wooldale, Yorkshire

RG number: RG09 Piece: 3251 Folio: 87 Page: 25
Registration District: Huddersfield Sub District: 5 Newmill
Enumeration District: 5 Civil Parish: Wooldale
Address: Town End, Wooldale, Yorkshire (West Riding.)

Andrew Whitfield

ID# 21908, b. about 1874
Andrew Whitfield was born about 1874.

Andrew Whitfield was a Railway Wagon builder - recorded at daughter edith's 1924 marriage.

Child of Andrew Whitfield

Moses Guise

ID# 21909, b. about 1861
Moses Guise was born about 1861.

Moses Guise married Emily (?) about 1882.

Moses Guise was a Builder - recorded at son Samuel's 1924 marriage.

Child of Moses Guise and Emily (?)

Joshua Horsfield

ID# 21910, b. about 1875, d. before 1925
Joshua Horsfield was born about 1875.

Joshua Horsfield died before 1925.

Joshua Horsfield was a Woollen Beamer - recorded at daughter Ethel's 1925 marriage.

Child of Joshua Horsfield