William H Chappell

ID# 25291, b. 14 April 1899
William H Chappell was born on 14 April 1899.

William H Chappell married Amy Tattersall, daughter of Thomas Tattersall and Hannah (?), about November 1921 at Oldham R.D., Lancashire.

William H Chappell appeared in the 1939 register at
10 Richmond Avenue, Chadderton U.D., Lancashire.
In September 1939:-

William H Chappell 14 Apr 1899 Male Cotton Spinner H.W. Married
Amy Chappell 27 Apr 1887 Female Unpaid D. D. Married
James Dearnaly 03 Jan 1915 Male Agriculture Implement Blacksmith H.W. Single
Joseph Chappell 12 Jan 1923 Male Apprentice Painter & Decorator H.W.. Single
Gordon Chappell 21 Sep 1924 Male Check Boy H.W. Single.

Willie Hall

ID# 25294, b. 11 November 1891
Willie Hall was born on 11 November 1891.

Willie Hall married Amy Dearnley, daughter of Tom Dearnley and Emma Sykes, about February 1915 at Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.

Willie Hall appeared in the 1939 register at
1 Andrew Street, Mossley M.B., Lancashire.
In September 1939:-

Willie Hall 11 Nov 1891 Male Stripper Grinder Cotton Mill Married
Amy Hall 02 Aug 1890 Female Unpaid D D Married
Albert Hall 27 Aug 1919 Male Apprentice Fitter Aerial Operator Single
Willie Hall 03 Jul 1926 Male School Single.

Joe Helme

ID# 25299, b. 29 January 1912
Joe Helme was born on 29 January 1912.

Joe Helme married Amy Dearnley, daughter of George Dearnley and Mary Hannah Wainwright, about August 1938 at Wakefield R.D., Yorkshire.

Joe Helme appeared in the 1939 register at
Green Vale, Wakefield R.D., Yorkshire.
In September 1939:-

Joe Helme 29 Jan 1912 Male Bricklayer Heavy Work Married
Amy Helme 05 Apr 1912 Female Sewing Machinist Artisans Clothing Married.

Norman E Smith

ID# 25300, b. about 1915
Norman E Smith was born about 1915.

Norman E Smith married Edna M Dearnley, daughter of Frank Dearnley and Ellen Cook, about May 1940 at York R.D., Yorkshire.