Earl Palmer

ID# 27181, b. about 1894
Earl Palmer was born about 1894.

Earl Palmer married Sarah Jones about 1915.

Child of Earl Palmer and Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

ID# 27182, b. about 1894
From about 1915, her married name was Palmer.
Sarah Jones was born about 1894.

Sarah Jones married Earl Palmer about 1915.

Child of Sarah Jones and Earl Palmer

Mary Belle Helms

ID# 27183, b. 7 October 1924
From 27 March 1948, her married name was Darnley.
Mary Belle Helms was born on 7 October 1924 at Dilles Bottom, Belmont County, Ohio, USA.

Mary Belle Helms was the daughter of John Helms and Mary Heckle.

Mary Belle Helms married John Darnley, son of James Patterson Darnley and Sarah Elizabeth Canavan, on 27 March 1948 at Belmont County, Ohio, USA,
Name Age Occupation Born Residence Father Mother previously married
John Darnley 28 on 26 Dec ---- Coal Miner Pipe Creek, Ohio Bellaire , Ohio James Darnley Sarah Canvans None (sic)
Mary Belle Helms 23 on 7 Oct 1947 Waitress Dilles Bottom, Ohio Bellaire , Ohio John Helms Mary Heckle None.

John Helms

ID# 27185, b. about 1896
John Helms was born about 1896.

John Helms married Mary Heckle about 1918.

Child of John Helms and Mary Heckle

Mary Heckle

ID# 27186, b. about 1896
From about 1918, her married name was Helms.
Mary Heckle was born about 1896.

Mary Heckle married John Helms about 1918.

Child of Mary Heckle and John Helms

Clarence Carnahan

ID# 27187, b. about 1901
Clarence Carnahan was born about 1901.

Clarence Carnahan married Effie Hill about 1923.

Effie Hill

ID# 27188, b. about 1901
From about 1923, her married name was Carnahan.
Effie Hill was born about 1901.

Effie Hill married Clarence Carnahan about 1923.

Thomas Mannion

ID# 27190, b. about 1865
Thomas Mannion was born about 1865.

Thomas Mannion married Mary Canavan about 1887.

Child of Thomas Mannion and Mary Canavan