Herbert Cadman

ID# 27661, b. 6 June 1908
Herbert Cadman was born on 6 June 1908.

Herbert Cadman married Marie Darnley, daughter of John Herbert Darnley and Martha Marsden Booth, about August 1931 at Manchester South R.D., Lancashire, England.

Herbert Cadman appeared in the 1939 register at
70 Newton Street, Manchester C.B., Lancashire, England.
In September 1939:-

CADMAN, Herbert 06 Jun 1908 Married Locomotive Fitter & Erector
CADMAN, Marion (Marie) 06 May 1907 Married Hemstitch Machinist
CADMAN, Marion (later Edmonds) 17 Jun 1933 Single -
1 more person record which is officially closed
Schedule No. 56.

John Diskin

ID# 27665, b. 1875, d. about February 1928
John Diskin was born in 1875.

John Diskin married Catherine Tracey about May 1921 at Wharfedale R.D., Yorkshire, England.

John Diskin died about February 1928 at Wharfedale R.D., Yorkshire, England,
Indexed as Lohn Diskin, aged 53.

Joseph E Thompson

ID# 27666, b. 19 August 1883
Joseph E Thompson was born on 19 August 1883.

Joseph E Thompson married Hannah Dearnley, daughter of James William Dearnley and Charlotte Higham, about February 1921 at Huddersfield R.D., Yorkshire, England.

Joseph E Thompson appeared in the 1939 register at
White Lea, Colne Valley U.D., Yorkshire, England.
In September 1939:-

THOMPSON, Joseph E 19 Aug 1883 Married Woollen Labourer
THOMPSON, Hannah 29 Nov 1879 Married Housewife Unpaid
Schedule No. 93
// Dolan family
DEARNLEY, George 22 Feb 1884 Married Woollen Fettler
DEARNLEY, Edith 28 Feb 1886* Married Woollen Weaver
WALKER, Robert 15 May 1906 Married Plaster's Labourer
WALKER, Hilda May 19 Dec 1909 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
2 more person records which are officially closed
Schedule No. 95

* Original entry was 28 Oct 1889 which is struck-through with a note "B.C. seen."

Joseph Henry Thompson

ID# 27667, b. 31 July 1890
Joseph Henry Thompson was born on 31 July 1890.

Joseph Henry Thompson married Annie Dearnley, daughter of Bernard Dearnley and Catherine O'Neil, about May 1921 at Glossop R.D., Derbyshire, England,
Indexed as Annie Dearnley & Joseph Henry Thompson.

Joseph Henry Thompson appeared in the 1939 register at
56 Norfolk Street, Glossop M.B., Derbyshire, England.
In September 1939:-

THOMPSON, Joseph H 31 Jul 1890 Married Employed as foreman to engineering works
engaged in manufacture of paper fasteners
& special bolts & screws
THOMPSON, Annie 28 Feb 1891 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
Schedule No. 41.

Arthur Souter

ID# 27668, b. 27 January 1896
Arthur Souter was born on 27 January 1896.

Arthur Souter married Gertrude Denerley, daughter of Harry Denerley and Maria Birchenough, about May 1922 at Stockport R.D., Cheshire, England,
Indexed as Gertrude Denerley & Arthur Souter.

Child of Arthur Souter and Gertrude Denerley

Marjorie Souter

ID# 27669, b. 13 February 1924
Marjorie Souter was born on 13 February 1924 at Stockport R.D., Cheshire, England.

Marjorie Souter was the daughter of Arthur Souter and Gertrude Denerley.