William Hamnett

ID# 8951, b. 1839
William Hamnett was born in 1839 at Lancashire, England.

William Hamnett was the son of Joseph Hamnett and Elizabeth Darnley.
William Hamnett appeared in the 1841 census at
Water Street, Manchester, Lancashire, England.
On 6 June 1841:-
note: Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5.
HAMNETT, Joseph 35 Lancashire
HAMNETT, Elizabeth 35 Lancashire
HAMNETT, James 14
HAMNETT, Edward 13 Lancashire
HAMNETT, Joseph 10 Lancashire
HAMNETT, Mary 8 Lancashire
HAMNETT, Harriett 6 Lancashire
HAMNETT, Sarah 4 Lancashire
HAMNETT, William 1 Lancashire

RG number: HO107 Piece: 82 Book/Folio: 5/43 Page: 25
Registration District: Stockport Sub District: Heaton Norris
Civil Parish: Manchester Municipal Borough: Stockport
Address: Water Street, Manchester, Heaton Norris, Stockport County: Lancashire.

Caroline Louisa Tainton

ID# 8952, b. 1838, d. 1878
Caroline Louisa Tainton was also recorded as Caroline Ann - some sort of aberration in the 1871 census.
From about May 1862, her married name was Pulley.
Caroline Louisa Pulley (née Tainton)
Caroline Louisa Tainton was born in 1838 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.

Caroline Louisa Tainton married Alfred Edwin Pulley, son of Thomas Pulley and Maria (?), about May 1862 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England,
Cheltenham 6a 707

Caroline Louisa Tainton died in 1878 at Kings Norton, England, at age 40 years
Kings Norton 6c 300

Caroline Louisa Tainton appeared in the 1851 census at.
On 30 March 1851:-

I suspect this is the Caroline Tainter aged 10 (sometimes transcribed as Fainter) found in the 1851 census at Bowling Green, Powick, Worcestershire. Parents: William Tainter (carpenter) & Eliza. Sister Hannah Maria aged 2.
Registration District: Upton upon Severn      Piece: 2043 Folio: 28 Page: 17.

Caroline Louisa Tainton appeared in the 1871 census at
Moseley Road Back Of Alcester Place, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
On 2 April 1871:-

PULLEY, Edward Head Mar 30 Bricklayer Pershore, Worcestershire
PULLEY, Caroline Ann Wife Mar 33 - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
PULLEY, George Son - 7 Scholar Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
PULLEY, William Son - 3 - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Piece: 3137 Folio: 92 Page: 26 Registration District: Aston
Civil Parish: Aston Municipal Borough: Birmingham
Address: 5 Back of Alcester Place, Moseley Road, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Names are all awry, but this feels like the correct family - MED.

Children of Caroline Louisa Tainton and Alfred Edwin Pulley

Margaret A Barker

ID# 8953, b. about November 1850
Margaret A Barker was born about November 1850 at Holbeck, Yorkshire, England.

Margaret A Barker was the daughter of Isaac Barker and Mary Darnley.
Margaret A Barker appeared in the 1851 census at
6 Cross John Street, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

BARKER, Isaac Head Mar 32 Overlooker in a Flax Mill Leeds, Yorkshire
BARKER, Mary Wife Mar 30 - Hunslet, Yorkshire
BARKER, Margaret A Dau - 5mo - Holbeck, Yorkshire

Address: 6 Cross John Street, Leeds, Yorkshire
Parish: Leeds Parliamentary borough: Leeds Municipal ward: South Ward
Registration district: Leeds Archive reference: HO107
Piece number: 2319 Folio: 63 Page: 27.

Thomas Barker

ID# 8954, b. 1862
Thomas Barker was born in 1862 at Yorkshire, England.

Thomas Barker was the son of Isaac Barker and Mary Darnley.
Thomas Barker appeared in the 1871 census at
33 Plews Buildings, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
On 2 April 1871:-

BARKER, Issac Head 54 Overlooker in Flax Mill York, Yorkshire
BARKER, Mary Wife 51 - York, Yorkshire
BARKER, Sarah Dau 17 Canvas Weaver York, Yorkshire
BARKER, Elizabeth Dau 12 Scholar York, Yorkshire
BARKER, Thomas Son 8 - York, Yorkshire

RG number: RG10 Piece: 4514 Folio: 18 Page: 29
Registration District: Hunslet Sub District: Hunslet
Enumeration District: 31 Civil Parish: Leeds Municipal Borough: Leeds
Address: 33 Plews Buildings, Leeds, Hunslet, Yorkshire.

Mary Darnley

ID# 8955, b. 1852
Mary Darnley was born in 1852 at Stockport, Cheshire, England.

Mary Darnley was the daughter of William Darnley and Mary Seel.

Samuel Darnley

ID# 8956, b. about 1892, d. April 1918
Samuel Darnley was born about 1892.

Samuel Darnley was the son of James Darnley and Mary (?)

Samuel Darnley married Mary A Atherton in 1913 at Paddington, New South Wales, Australia.

Samuel Darnley died in April 1918 at Manly, New South Wales, Australia.

Samuel Darnley was buried on 11 April 1918 at Manly Cemetery, Manly, Cumberland County, New South Wales, Australia,
Section D118.

James Darnley

ID# 8957, b. about 1864
James Darnley was born about 1864.

James Darnley married Mary (?) about 1885.

Child of James Darnley and Mary (?)

Mary (?)

ID# 8958, b. about 1864
From about 1885, her married name was Darnley.
Mary (?) was born about 1864.

Mary (?) married James Darnley about 1885.

Child of Mary (?) and James Darnley

Ann Darnley

ID# 8959, b. about 1780
Ann Darnley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
From 21 February 1801, her married name was Cross.


I suspect that John Darnley is Ann's brother.
see John Darnley.

Ann Darnley was born about 1780.

Ann Darnley married Thomas Cross on 21 February 1801 at Barton-le-Street, Yorkshire, England.

Thomas Cross

ID# 8960, b. about 1780
Thomas Cross was born about 1780.

Thomas Cross married Ann Darnley on 21 February 1801 at Barton-le-Street, Yorkshire, England.