Georgina Ruth Dearnley

ID# 14382, b. 20 March 1904, d. about May 1977
From 12 July 1930, her married name was Smith.


This relationship is confirmed by Chris Newsome's note:

"... My aunt died last year and she handed on to me a lot of Newsome family memorobilia. One of the items was what is called a Memory Book that belonged to my grandfather (her father) and in it, he kept a record of birth dates and year. One of them was a George Dearnley born around 1835 and then a Georgina Dearnley born in 1903 (I think). Somewhere I have a record, on this computer, of someone who we believe is Georgina Dearnley's mother (Georges daughter) and it looks like Georgina may have been illegitimate. This is the only written record of Dearnley in the family and I feel that this must be the link from a Dearnley family tree to the Newsome family tree...."

Georgina's grandfather's sister Hannah was married to John Newsome. (great-aunt)

Annie Dearnley's (Georgina Ruth's aunt) estate was probated to Georgina Ruth Smith.


In 1911 Georgina Ruth Dearnley appears to be shown as the grand-daughter of Alfred & Sarah Ann Sheard (although the 'Grandaughter' ditto mark appears to have been entered later).
The only way I can see that to be true, is if Joseph Sheard (the married son of Alfred & Sarah Ann) was the father of Georgina Ruth. - MED

1891 census
SHEARD, Alfred Head Mar 49 Baker Kirkburton, Yorkshire
SHEARD, Sarah A Wife Mar 51 - Greenfield, Yorkshire
SHEARD, Hannah Dau Sngl 21 Cotton Reeler Stalybridge, Lancashire
SHEARD, Joseph Son Sngl 19 Cotton Piecer Mossley, Lancashire
SHEARD, Grace S Dau - 16 Cotton Reeler Failsworth, Lancashire
BROADBENT, Mary Visitor Wid 59 Bobbin Winder Friezland, Yorkshire

RG number: RG12 Piece: 3276 Folio: 140 Page: 25
Registration District: Ashton Under Lyne Sub District: Ashton Town
Enumeration District:13 Ecclesiastical Parish: St Michaels
Civil Parish: Ashton Under Lyne Municipal Borough: Ashton Under Lyne
Address: 33, Granville Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire.

Georgina Ruth Dearnley was born on 20 March 1904 at 14 Dale Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, England.

Georgina Ruth Dearnley was the daughter of Bertha Dearnley.

Georgina Ruth Dearnley married James Richard Smith, son of Samuel Smith, on 12 July 1930 at St Catherine, Barton upon Irwell, Barton upon Irwell R.D., Lancashire, England,
James Richard Smith 23 Bachelor, Labourer res: 659 Liverpool Rd. Peel Green fa: Samuel Smith, Labourer
Georgina Ruth Dearnley 26 Spinster, --- res: 6 Holt Street, Barton fa: 'not known'
Witnesses: A. Smith & T. A. Smith
Married by Banns by: Harold H. Pierce
Register: Marriages 1927 - 1931, Page 41, Entry 81
Transcription from Manchester Central Library.

Georgina Ruth Dearnley died about May 1977 at Barton R.D., Lancashire, England,
Indexed as Georgina Ruth Smith, born 20 Mar 1904.

Georgina Ruth Dearnley appeared in the 1911 census at
25 Newton Road, Hoylake, Wirral, Cheshire, England.
On 2 April 1911:-

SHEARD, Alfred Head Mar 43 yrs 68 Baker Kirkburton, Yorkshire
SHEARD, Sarah Ann Wife Mar1 71 Old Age Pensioner Assistant in the Business Saddleworth, Yorkshire
SHEARD, Grace Sincor Dau Sngl 35 Assistant in the Business Tailsworth, Lancashire
SHEARD, Ella Granddau 3 - Glossop, Derbyshire
DEARNLEY, Georgeina Ruth --do--2 7 - Buxton, Derbyshire
THOMPSON, Mary Ann Boarder Sngl 84 Old Age Pensioner Liverpool, Lancashire

1 4 children born alive, 3 still living
2Appears to have been added later

RG number: RG14 Piece: 21948 RD: 451 SD: 4 ED: 7 Schedule: 340
Registration District: Wirral Sub District: Woodchurch
Enumeration District: 7 Parish: Hoylake cum West Kirby
Address: 25 Newton Road, Hoylake, Cheshire.

Georgina Ruth Dearnley appeared in the 1939 register at
14 Lulworth Road, Eccles M.B., Lancashire, England.
In September 1939:-

SMITH, James R 09 Jun 1907 Married Milk Salesman, Horse Vehicle
SMITH, Georgina R 20 Mar 1904 Married Unpaid Domestic
SMITH, Doreen M (Helen) (later Mosley) 05 Apr 1935 Single Under School Age
DOYLE, Mary Ellen (Helena) 20 Jan 1899 Married Typist
Schedule No. 290.

Child of Georgina Ruth Dearnley and James Richard Smith

Joseph Broadbent

ID# 14383, b. about 1789
Joseph Broadbent was born about 1789.

Joseph Broadbent was a Farmer.

Child of Joseph Broadbent

Allen Dearnley

ID# 14384, b. 1843, d. 1923
Allen Dearnley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Allen Dearnley was born in 1843.

Allen Dearnley was buried in 1923 at Centerville Cemetery, Townsend, Broadwater County, Montana, USA.

Allen Dearnley died in 1923 at Townsend, Broadwater County, Montana, USA, at age 80 years.

Gloria Marie Dearnley

ID# 14385, b. 5 November 1932, d. 2 December 2004


Gloria may be a daughter of Percy Leonard Dearnley & Elizabeth Ann Gorton. -MED
See Percy Leonard Dearnley.

Gloria Marie Dearnley was born on 5 November 1932.

Gloria Marie Dearnley died on 2 December 2004 at New South Wales, Australia, at age 72 years and 27 days.

Gloria Marie Dearnley was buried in December 2004 at Redbank Cemetery, Pampoolah, New South Wales, Australia,
Note: ; sister; aunt.

William Dearnley

ID# 14386, b. 27 February 1870, d. March 1870
William Dearnley was born on 27 February 1870 at Rhode Island, USA.

William Dearnley was the son of Edward Dearnaley and Milcah Dewsnap.

William Dearnley died in March 1870 at Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

William Dearnley was buried on 7 March 1870 at Pocasset Cemetery, Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Suzanne L Hubbard

ID# 14387, b. 19 July 1947, d. 5 October 2015
From about 1965, her married name was Dearnley.
Suzanne L Hubbard was born on 19 July 1947 at Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA.

Suzanne L Hubbard was the daughter of Walter Reggie Hubbard and Vivian Reid.

Suzanne L Hubbard married Frank C Dearnley, son of Edward James Dearnley Jr and Gladys J Foster, about 1965.

Suzanne L Hubbard died on 5 October 2015 at age 68 years, 2 months and 16 days.

Edward James Dearnley Jr

ID# 14388, b. 1914, d. 1 May 1965
Edward James Dearnley Jr was born in 1914 at USA.

Edward James Dearnley Jr was the son of Edward James Dearnley and Myra Viola Shaw.

Edward James Dearnley Jr married Gladys J Foster, daughter of Harold Foster and Nina Stevens, about 1937.

Edward James Dearnley Jr died on 1 May 1965 at Rhode Island, USA, at age 51 years
age: 51.

His body was cremated on 20 May 1965 at Rhode Island, USA.
Edward James Dearnley Jr appeared in the 1920 US census at
Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA.
In 1920:-

age: 6.

Edward James Dearnley Jr appeared in the 1920 US census at
North Attleborough, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA.
On 15 January 1920:-

Edward J Deamley           Head     33     Mar     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: Rhode Island          Spoon Maker, Silver Shop
Edward J Deamley           Son     6     Sngl     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts     
Richard F Deamley           Son     2     Sngl     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts     
Ella F Deamley           Mother     59     Wid     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: England     
Claribel Deamley           Sister     29     Sngl     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: Rhode Island           Packing Silver, Silver Shop

Res: North Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
14/15 Jan 1920.

Edward James Dearnley Jr appeared in the 1930 US census at
North Attleborough, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA.
On 1 April 1930:-

Edward Dearnley      Head     43     Rhode Island     fa: England     mo: Rhode Island          Silver Smith factory
Jeanne Dearnley      Wife     43     Scotland          fa: Scotland     mo: Scotland
Edward Dearnley      Son     16     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts
Richard Dearnley      Son     12     Massachusetts     fa: Rhode Island     mo: Massachusetts.

Child of Edward James Dearnley Jr and Gladys J Foster

Gladys J Foster

ID# 14389, b. 1908, d. 2001
From about 1937, her married name was Dearnley.
Gladys J Foster was born in 1908.

Gladys J Foster was the daughter of Harold Foster and Nina Stevens.

Gladys J Foster married Edward James Dearnley Jr, son of Edward James Dearnley and Myra Viola Shaw, about 1937.

Gladys J Foster was buried in 2001 at Plainville Cemetery, Plainville, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA.

Gladys J Foster died in 2001 at USA at age 93 years.

Child of Gladys J Foster and Edward James Dearnley Jr