Mary Dearnley

ID# 17961, b. July 1884, d. about November 1885
Mary Dearnley was born in July 1884 at Meltham, Yorkshire, England.

Mary Dearnley was the daughter of Wright Dearnley and Sarah Pogson.

Mary Dearnley was baptised on 3 August 1884 at Meltham, Yorkshire, England.

Mary Dearnley died about November 1885 at Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.

George Dearnley

ID# 17962, b. 23 August 1874, d. about May 1875
George Dearnley was born in August 1874 at Meltham, Yorkshire, England.

George Dearnley was baptised on 23 August 1874 at Meltham, Yorkshire, England.

George Dearnley was the son of Wright Dearnley and Sarah Pogson.

George Dearnley died about May 1875 at Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.

Lister Addy

ID# 17963, b. 1874
Lister Addy was born in 1874.

Lister Addy married Clarinda Hirst, daughter of Caroline Hurst, on 16 November 1907 at Cumberworth, Yorkshire, England.

Charles Haigh

ID# 17964, b. about 1850, d. before January 1899
Charles Haigh was born about 1850.

Charles Haigh died before January 1899.

Charles Haigh was a Miner
(recorded at daughter Mary's 1899 marriage.)

Child of Charles Haigh

Wright Fisher

ID# 17965, b. 1877, d. about November 1899
Wright Fisher was born in 1877.

Wright Fisher was the son of Ben Fisher.

Wright Fisher married Mary Haigh, daughter of Charles Haigh, on 28 January 1899 at St. John the Evangelist, Denby, Wortly R.D., Yorkshire, England,
Wright Fisher 22 Bachelor, Miner res: Skelmanthorpe fa: Ben Fisher (deceased), Weaver
Mary Haigh 21 Spinster, --- res: Putting Hill, Denby fa: Charles Haigh (deceased), Miner
Both signed
Witnesses: Joe Driest(?) & Henry Craven.

Wright Fisher died about November 1899.

James Dennerley

ID# 17966, b. 6 March 1904, d. about February 1905
James Dennerley was born in February 1904 at Bury, Lancashire, England.

James Dennerley was baptised on 6 March 1904 at St. Mary's Church, Bury, Lancashire, England.

James Dennerley was the son of Samuel Dennerley and Mary Jane Osborne.

James Dennerley died about February 1905 at Bury, Lancashire, England.

Ivy Dempsey

ID# 17967, b. 1927, d. 17 May 2011
From about February 1951, her married name was Darnley.
Ivy Dempsey was born in 1927.

Ivy Dempsey married William John Darnley, son of George Darnley and Alice May Dabbs, about February 1951 at Salford, Lancashire, England.

Ivy Dempsey died on 17 May 2011 at Manchester R.D., Lancashire, England, at age 84 years
Indexed as Ms. Ivy Darnley, born 1927; died 17 May 2011.

Child of Ivy Dempsey and William John Darnley

William John Darnley

ID# 17969, b. 6 March 1959, d. January 2003
William John Darnley was born on 6 March 1959 at Barton, Lancashire, England.

William John Darnley was the son of William John Darnley and Ivy Dempsey.

William John Darnley died in January 2003 at Salford, Lancashire, England, at age 43 years and 9 months.

Bessie Marie Hoopengardner

ID# 17970, b. 22 September 1893
Bessie Marie Hoopengardner was also recorded as Bessie Hoopengargen.
From about 1911, her married name was Darnley.
Bessie Marie Hoopengardner was born on 22 September 1893 at Pennsylvania, USA.

Bessie Marie Hoopengardner was the daughter of Samuel Sheridan Hoopengardner and Mary Jane Smith.

Bessie Marie Hoopengardner married John Darnley, son of James Patterson Darnley and Margaret Metz, about 1911.

Children of Bessie Marie Hoopengardner and John Darnley