George Dearneley

ID# 20811, b. January 1714
George Dearneley was also recorded as George Dearnley.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
George Dearneley was born in January 1714 at Lane Hackings, Kirkburton Parish, Yorkshire, England.

George Dearneley was the son of John Dearnalley and Esther Prince.

George Dearneley was baptised on 21 February 1714 at Cumberworth, Yorkshire, England,
"George the son of John Dearneley of Lane Hackings was baptised the 21st day of ffebruary 1713 / being of the parish of Kirkburton."

on 30 July 1725
Yorkshire, England, Quarter Session Records, 1637-1914
Leeds 7th October 1725

Dearnley John & family

Upon appeal made by the Churchwardens and Overseers
of the poor of Thurstonland in the said Riding against an
order made by John Smyth and John Burton Esq(uir)es two
of his ma(jes)tys Justices of the peace for the said Riding
bearing date the thirtieth day of July last past for
removeing John Dearnley Ester his wife George Martha
John Joseph Sarah and Mary
their children from
Cumberworth in the said Riding to Thurstonland aforesaid
It is ordered the said order be confirmed.

John Dernally

ID# 20813, b. about 1692
John Dernally was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)


Possibly the same John D with son George.
see John Dearnalley.

John Dernally was born about 1692.

in 1720 John Dernally lived at Skelmanthorp, Yorkshire, England.

Child of John Dernally

(?) Dernally

ID# 20814, b. November 1720
(?) Dernally was also recorded as James Dernally - Best guess of name.
(?) Dernally was born in November 1720 at Skelmanthorp, Yorkshire, England.

(?) Dernally was the son of John Dernally.

(?) Dernally was baptised on 27 December 1720 at All Saints, Clayton West with High Hoyland, Yorkshire, England,
'... filius de Johannis Dernally of Skelm'

Skelm has a line across the top to indicate it is an abbreviation i.e. Skelmanthorp. Indexed on Ancestry as Dernaley 16 Dec 1720. Trying to read the damaged edge, the best I can do is '..bus', so it might be Jacobus - JAD.

Edward Vickerman

ID# 20815, b. about 1805
Edward Vickerman was also recorded as Edward Vicarman.
Edward Vickerman was born about 1805.

Edward Vickerman married Hannah (?) about 1822.

Edward Vickerman was a Weaver.

Edward Vickerman appeared in the 1841 census at.
On 6 June 1841:-
note: Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5.
VICKERMAN, Edward 42 Fancy Weaver Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Hannah 39 - Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Thomas 18 Blacksmith Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Mary 16 Fancy Weaver Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, James 13 Fancy Weaver Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, John 10 Bobbin Winder Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Susannah 8 - Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Anne 5 - Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Eliza 3 - Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Sarah 7mo - Yorkshire

Address: North Gate, Almondbury, Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration district: Huddersfield Archive reference: HO107
Piece number: 1273 Book number: 6 Folio number: 5 Page number: 3.

Edward Vickerman appeared in the 1851 census at
216 North Gate, Almondbury, Yorkshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

VICKERMAN, Edward Head Mar 52 Woollen Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Hannah Wife Mar 48 - Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Thomas Son Mar 28 Blacksmith Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Mary Dau Unm 26 Fancy Weaver Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, John Son Unm 20 Fancy Weaver Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Susannah Dau Unm 18 Fancy Weaver Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Eliza Dau - 13 Scholar Almondbury, Yorkshire
VICKERMAN, Sarah Martha Dau - 10 Scholar Almondbury, Yorkshire

Address: 216 North Gate, Almondbury, Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration district: Huddersfield Archive reference: HO107
Piece number: 2294 Folio: 65 Page: 28.

Children of Edward Vickerman and Hannah (?)

Elsie May Toon

ID# 20817, b. 15 May 1894, d. 16 July 1977
From April 1920, her married name was Dearnley.
Elsie May Toon was born on 15 May 1894 at Burton upon Trent R.D., Staffordshire, England,
Elsie May's death record shows a birth date of 5 May 1896.
The 1939 Register shows 15 May 1894.

Elsie May Toon was the daughter of Samuel Toon and Lizzie (?)

in 1920 Elsie May Toon lived at Parish of Christ Church, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Elsie May Toon married William Dearnley, son of Arthur Dearnley and Esther Ann Cousins, in April 1920 at Burton R.D., Staffordshire, England,
Marriage Banns
William Dearnley Bachelor of this Parish (Shelley, Emmanuel)
Elsie May Toon, Spinster, Parish of Christ Church Burton-on-Trent
Banns Date: 21 March, 28 March, 4 Apr 1920
Parish: Emmanuel Church, Shelley, Yorkshire.

Elsie May Toon died on 16 July 1977 at 20 Moorside Avenue, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield R.D., Yorkshire, England, at age 83 years, 2 months and 1 day
recorded as Elsie May Dearnley, aged 83.

her estate was probated on 19 October 1977
DEARNLEY, Elsie May of 20 Moorside Av Crosland Moor Huddersfield died 16 July 1977
Probate Leeds 19 October
£2876 771309484U.

Elsie May Toon appeared in the 1901 census at
10a Fleet Street, Burton Extra, Staffordshire, England.
On 31 March 1901:-

TOON, Samuel Head Mar 34 General Labourer Burton, Staffordshire, England
TOON, Lizzie Wife Mar 28 - Burton, Staffordshire, England
TOON, Elsie M Dau Sngl 6 - Burton, Staffordshire, England
TOON, Leonard Son Sngl 4 - Burton, Staffordshire, England

Address: 10a, Fleet Street, Burton, Staffordshire
Parish: Burton Extra Registration district: Burton upon Trent
Ecclesiastical Parish: Christ Churh, Burton on Trent
Archive reference: RG13 Piece number: 2644 Folio: 132 Page: 22.

Elsie May Toon appeared in the 1939 register at
4 Moorside Avenue, Huddersfield C.B., Yorkshire, England.
In September 1939:-

William Dearnley 02 Apr 1886 Male Butchers Salesman & Slaugh? Married
Elsie M Dearnley 15 May 1894 Female Unpaid Domestic Dutie Married
Schedule No.48.

Joseph Battye

ID# 20818, b. about 1802
Joseph Battye was born about 1802.

Joseph Battye was a Waggoner.

Child of Joseph Battye

James Womack

ID# 20819, b. about 1807
James Womack was born about 1807.

James Womack was a Land Drainer.

Child of James Womack

John Simpson

ID# 20820, b. 1 March 1888
John Simpson was born on 1 March 1888.

John Simpson married Kathleen Dearnley, daughter of John Edward Dearnley and Mary Lodge, on 17 January 1934 at All Hallows' Church, Almondbury, Yorkshire, England,
John Simpson 45 Widower, Warehouseman res: 54 Tom Lane, Crosland Hill fa: Arthur Simpson (decd), Busway foreman
Kathleen Dearnley 35 Spinster, Clerk res: 79 Square Hall, Sharps Lane fa: John Edward Dearnley (decd), Pattern Weaver
Both signed
Witnesses: Geo C Eyre & Harold Simpson.

John Simpson appeared in the 1939 register at
59 Tom Lane, Huddersfield C.B., Yorkshire, England.
In September 1939:-

SIMPSON, John 01 Mar 1888 Married Head Of Pattern Dept in the
Fine Manufacture, Doing Government Kha[ki?]
SIMPSON, Kathleen 11 Jan 1899 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
SIMPSON, Joan (later Horne) 25 Oct 1934 Single At School
SIMPSON, Anne 30 Nov 1858 Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties
Schedule No. 80.

Child of John Simpson and Kathleen Dearnley