John Holroyd

ID# 23911, b. 1858
John Holroyd was born in 1858 at Padfield, Derbyshire, England.

John Holroyd was the son of Timothy Holroyd and Ann Garlick.
John Holroyd appeared in the 1861 census at
Bross Croft, Glossop, Derbyshire, England.
On 7 April 1861:-

DEARNALEY, Jane Wife Mar 40 House Keeper Cheshire, Mottram see Jane Garlick
DEARNALEY, John Son - 16 Cotton Weaver Derbyshire, Charlesworth
HOBROYD, John Nephew - 3 - Derbyshire, Padfield
HOBROYD, Timothy Head Mar 37 Contractor Yorkshire, Honley see Timothy Holroyd
HOBROYD, Ann Wife Mar 42 House Keeper Cheshire, Mottram see Ann Garlick
HOBROYD, Heneretta Dau - 13 Scholar Derbyshire, Padfield
HOBROYD, Sarah Jane Dau - 11 Scholar Derbyshire, Padfield
HOBROYD, Jas Cook Son - 8 Scholar Derbyshire, Padfield
HOBROYD, Tom Son - 5 Scholar Derbyshire, Padfield

Address: Brosscroft, Padfield, Derbyshire
Registration district: Hayfield Sub-registration district: Glossop
ED: 14 Parish: Glossop Household schedule number: 145
Piece: 2551 Folio: 13 Page Number: 22.

James Cook Holroyd

ID# 23912, b. August 1852
James Cook Holroyd was born in August 1852 at Padfield, Glossop Parish, Derbyshire, England.

James Cook Holroyd was the son of Timothy Holroyd and Hannah Barlow.

James Cook Holroyd was baptised on 5 September 1852 at Waterside, Glossop Parish, Derbyshire, England.

Israel Gent

ID# 23913, b. January 1892, d. about February 1972
Israel Gent was born in January 1892 at Eckington, Chesterfield R.D., Derbyshire, England.

Israel Gent married Sarah Elizabeth Alice Nicholls, daughter of James Richard Nicholls and Alice Fanny Darnley, about August 1920 at St Peter & St Paul's, Eckington, Chesterfield R.D., Derbyshire, England.

Israel Gent died about February 1972 at Wortley R.D., Yorkshire, England.

Ralph W Gardner

ID# 23914, b. about 1899
Ralph W Gardner was born about 1899.

Ralph W Gardner married Doris Gertrude Wood Nicholls, daughter of James Richard Nicholls and Alice Fanny Darnley, about February 1927 at Gloucester R.D., Gloucestershire, England.

Matty Dearnaley

ID# 23915, b. 1784, d. February 1828


Could this be Mary Dearnaley, daughter of Amos D & Mary Heaward?
see Mary Dearnaley.

Matty Dearnaley was born in 1784.

Matty Dearnaley died in February 1828 at Stayley, Cheshire, England, at age 44 years.

Matty Dearnaley was buried on 20 February 1828 at Mottram-in-Longdendale Parish, Cheshire, England,
Matty Dearnaley; abode: Stayley; age: 44.

William Tattersall Robinson

ID# 23916, b. 1828, d. 17 May 1874
William Tattersall Robinson was born in 1828.

William Tattersall Robinson was the son of William Robinson.

William Tattersall Robinson married Sarah Dernaley, daughter of Abel Dearnaley and Ann Threlfall, on 22 September 1853 at Wath-on-Dearne Parish Church, Wath-on-Dearne, Yorkshire, England,
William Tattersall Robinson 25 Bachelor, Draper res: Preston fa: William Robinson, Butcher
Sarah Dernaley 21 Spinster, --- res: Wath fa: Abraham(sic) Dernaley, Weslyan Minister
Both signed
Witnesses: ??? & M(?) Dernaley.

William Tattersall Robinson died on 17 May 1874 at 5 Woodlands Road, Cheetham, Lancashire, England, at age 46 years.

his estate was probated on 19 June 1874 at Manchester, Lancashire, England,
Robinson William Tattersall. 19 June. Administration of the effects of William Tattersall Robinson late of 5 Woodlands-road Cheetham in the City of Manchester Cotton Agent who died 17 May 1874 at 5 Woodlands-road was granted at Manchester to Sarah Robinson of 5 Woodlands-road Widow the Relict.
Effects under £4,000.

William Tattersall Robinson appeared in the 1861 census at
77 Maudland Bank, Preston, Lancashire, England.
On 7 April 1861:-

ROBINSON, William T Head Mar 33 Cotton Spinner and Manufacturer Employing Haslingden, Lancashire
34 Men 63 Women 12 Boys 30 Girls
ROBINSON, Sarah Wife Mar 28 Haslingden, Lancashire
SKIDMORE, Jonathan B Nephew Unm 15 Apprentice To Cotton Spinning Keighley, Yorkshire
DAVIS, Ann Serv Unm 20 Domestic Servant North Wales

Address: 77 Maudland Bank, Preston, Lancashire
Municipal ward: St Peters Parliamentary borough: Preston
Ecclesiastical district: St Peters Registration district: Preston
Enumeration district: 38 Piece number: 3134 Folio number: 100 Page number: 15.

William Tattersall Robinson appeared in the 1871 census at
95 Fishergate Hil, Preston, Lancashire, England.
On 2 April 1871:-

ROBINSON, William T Head Mar 43 Cotton Broker Haslingden, Lancashire
ROBINSON, Sarah Wife Mar 38 - Ulverston, Lancashire
ROBINSON, Margaret E Cousin Unm 24 - Manchester, Lancashire
PRIDE, Elizabeth Servant Unm 49 General Servant (Domestic) Liverpool, Lancashire

Address: 95 Fishergate Hill, Preston, Lancashire
Registration district: Preston Archive reference: RG10
Piece number: 4205 Folio: 118? / 119 Page: 8.

William Robinson

ID# 23917, b. about 1800
William Robinson was born about 1800.

William Robinson was a Butcher - recorded at son William's 1853 marriage.

Child of William Robinson

(?) Warhurst

ID# 23918, b. about 1787
(?) Warhurst was born about 1787.

Children of (?) Warhurst

Hannah Warhurst

ID# 23919, b. 1808
Hannah Warhurst was born in 1808 at Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

Hannah Warhurst was the daughter of (?) Warhurst.
Hannah Warhurst appeared in the 1841 census at
Padfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, England.
On 6 June 1841:-
note: Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5.
WARHURST, Ruben ?? Derbyshire
WARHURST, Hannah 30 Derbyshire
WARHURST, Samuel 25 Derbyshire
HARROP, Mary 45 Derbyshire

RG number: HO107 Piece: 185 Book/Folio: 14/9 Page: 12
Registration District: Hayfield & Glossop Sub District: Glossop
Civil Parish: Glossop
Address: Padfield, Glossop, Padfield County: Derbyshire.

Hannah Warhurst appeared in the 1851 census at
Padfield, Derbyshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

WARHURST, Hannah Head Unm 42 Laundress Glossop, Derbyshire
WARHURST, Samuel Brother Mar 35 Spinner Glossop, Derbyshire
WARHURST, Sarah Wife Mar 27 - Glossop, Derbyshire
WARHURST, Mary Dau Unm 4 mo - Glossop, Derbyshire
DAREY, Samuel Lodger Mar 22 Overlooker Wirksworth, Derbyshire
DAREY, Luesa Wife Mar 22 Tenter Sheffield, Yorkshire
KINDER, John Lodger Unm 58 Coal carrier Chapelfrith, Derbyshire

Address: Padfield, Derbyshire
Registration district: Hayfield and Glossop
Archive reference: HO107 Piece number: 2152 Folio: 207 Page: 22.

Robert Stuart

ID# 23920, b. about 1852
Robert Stuart was born about 1852.

Robert Stuart married Betty Higginbottom Warhurst, daughter of Samuel Warhurst and Sarah (?), about February 1878 at St Andrew's Parish, Hadfield, Derbyshire, England,
Derbyshire Registrars Marriage Index Transcription.