James Cullambine

ID# 15653, b. about 1805, d. March 1834
James Cullambine was also recorded as James Columbine.
James Cullambine was born about 1805.

James Cullambine married Fanny Dennerly, daughter of Samuel Dernally and Betty Pownall, on 23 September 1822 at St. Mary's Church, Stockport, Cheshire,
James Cullambine     Labourer
Fanny Dennerley     Spinster
both 'of this parish'
Witnesses: Samuel Hopwood & John Wood.

James Cullambine died in March 1834 at Stockport, Cheshire.

James Cullambine was buried on 20 March 1834 at St. Thomas' Church, Stockport, Cheshire.

James Dennerly

ID# 15657, b. 30 April 1803
James Dennerly was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for search.)
James Dennerly was born on 30 April 1803 at Stockport, Cheshire.

James Dennerly was the son of Samuel Dernally and Betty Pownall.

James Dennerly was baptised on 24 December 1823 at St. Mary's Church, Stockport, Cheshire,
FamilySearch shows the siblings (John, Fanny & James) as being baptised as adults in Dec 1823.
Fanny was baptized as Fanny Dennerly although she was by then Fanny Columbine.

John Woolley

ID# 15658, b. about 1791
John Woolley was born about 1791.

John Woolley married Mary (?) about 1815.

Child of John Woolley and Mary (?)

(?) (?)

ID# 15659, b. about 1719
From about 1751, her married name was Dearnaley.
(?) (?) was born about 1719.

(?) (?) married Unknown Dearnaley about 1740.

Children of (?) (?) and Unknown Dearnaley

Joseph Dearnaley

ID# 15660, b. 1747, d. 13 January 1824
Joseph Dearnaley was also recorded as Joseph Dernaley.
Joseph Dearnaley was born in 1747.

Joseph Dearnaley was the son of Unknown Dearnaley and (?) (?)

in 1809 Joseph Dearnaley lived at Matly, Mottram-in-Longdendale Parish, Cheshire,
Matly is spelt Matley nowadays, and is between Mottram and Staleybridge (which are 2.5 miles apart).

Joseph Dearnaley left a will on 14 February 1809 at Matly, Mottram-in-Longdendale Parish, Cheshire.
The Last Will and Testament of Joseph Dearnaly (written 1809, died 1824)
Most initial capitals ignored, except for names, as it is difficult to distinguish which letters are intended to be capitals. Line breaks and spellings have been maintained. Punctuation is erratic. List of those mentioned is at the end. Matly is spelt Matley nowadays, and is between Mottram and Staleybridge.

In the name of God Amen I Joseph Dearnaly
of Matly in the Parish of Mottram in Longdendale and County of Chester
Clothier being of sound mind and disposing mind and memory (Blessed be
God for the same) do make and publish this my last Will and Testament
in manner and form following. First I will that all my just and law
ful debts funeral expenses and probate of this my last Will and Testament
be paid and discharged. I also give to my brother John Dearnaly
in one month after my death all my clothing and wareing aparel
one oake chist and all my books. And I give my pockit wach
to his son Joseph Dearnaly if he is living and if he is dead give
it to James son of my brother John. And all the rest residue and
remainder of my property and effects whatsoever or wheresoever
I give to be devided into four equal parts or shares and paid amongst
my brothers and sisters share and share alike (except my brother
John Dearnaly share. I will shall be eight pounds eight shillings
less than the others. And my sister Martha the wife of Joshua
Howard whose share I will shall be two pounds two shillings less
than the others by reason that I have heartofore given him and
her these sums above mentioned) And I will that the same shall
be paid to my brothers and sisters John Dearnaly Amos Dearnaly
Hanah Hinchcliff and Martha Howard within twelve months next
after my death to those that are living and those that are dead
or if all these four should happen to be dead or any part of them
then I give his her or there shares or parts of those which are dead
to be devided each thear own shares amongst there own children equal
share and share alike and Hannah Hinchliff grandaughter of Jonas
Hinchliff is to have her mother Ann share and I will that the same
shal be paid to theese said children wich are at the age of twentyone
years within twelve months next after my death
and those that are not at the age of twentyone then to receive it
when they shal severally attain to the age of twentyone years
and in case any of theese aforesaid children shall happen to
to die before they attain to age of twentyone years leaving no
lawful isue then and in such case I give his her or there
share to be equally devided amongst his or her brothers and
sisters such of them as shall live to the age of twentyone years
or to there several and respective executors administrators
and assigns And lastly I make and ordain my brother
John Dearnaly. John Knott of Matly. and Jonathan Howard Bottoms
executors of this my last Will and Testament hoping they will
faithfully discharge this my trust reposed in them In witness
wheare of I the said Joseph Dearnaly the testator have hereunto set
my hand and seal this fourteenth day of February in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine
Signed sealed published pronounced and declared
by the said Joseph Dearnaly the testator as and for
his last Will and Testament in the presence of
X the mark of Joseph Dearnaly
Robert Garside
Bettey Garside
Jonathan Howard

The thirteenth day of April 1824
John Dearnaly, John Knott & Jonathan Howard
the Executors in this Will named, were sworn in
common form, they further made oath, that the
personal estate & effects of the Testator within the
Diocese of Chester, were under the value of one
hundred pounds - Before me
N.. Winter surrogate

The testator died on the 13th day of January 1824

Probate issued dated
13 April 1824

Transcribed by Janet A Davies
August 2011

Named in the Will of Joseph Dearnaly
His siblings: John Dearnaly
  Amos Dearnaly
  Martha Howard
  Hannah Hinchcliffe
His brothers-in-law: Joshua Howard
  Jonas Hinchcliffe
His nephews: Joseph Dearnaly, son of John
  James Dearnaly, son of John
His niece: Ann Hinch(c)liffe
His great-niece: Hannah Hinchliffe, daughter of Ann
His executors: John Dearnaly
  John Knott of Matly
  Jonathan Howard of Bottoms
Witnesses: Robert Garside
  Bettey Garside
  Jonathan Howard
Legal guy: N. Winter.

Joseph Dearnaley died on 13 January 1824 at age 77 years.

Joseph Dearnaley was buried on 16 January 1824 at Woodhead, Cheshire,
"age 77."

his estate was probated on 13 April 1824.

in 1809 Joseph Dearnaley was a Clothier.