John Kaye

ID# 20781, b. about 1804
John Kaye was born about 1804.

Child of John Kaye

John Berry

ID# 20782, b. about 1815
John Berry was born about 1815.

John Berry was a Weaver.

Child of John Berry

John Kaye

ID# 20783, b. about 1802
John Kaye was born about 1802.

John Kaye was a Weaver.

Child of John Kaye

George Booth

ID# 20784, b. about 1820
George Booth was born about 1820.

George Booth was a Clothier.

Child of George Booth

Patrick Reedie

ID# 20785, b. about 1809
Patrick Reedie was born about 1809.

Patrick Reedie was a Bookeeper.

Child of Patrick Reedie

Gwendoline Irene Barber

ID# 20786, b. 11 November 1899, d. about November 1971
From about August 1923, her married name was Dearnaley.
Gwendoline Irene Barber was born on 11 November 1899.

Gwendoline Irene Barber married Walter James Dearnaley, son of Isaac Dearnaley and Rebecca McCrea, about August 1923 at Fermoy R.D., Ireland.

Gwendoline Irene Barber died about November 1971 at Norwich R.D., Norfolk, England,
recorded as 'Gwendoline I Dearnaley.'

Gwendoline Irene Barber appeared in the 1939 register at
Town Close Preparatory School, 14 Ipswich Road, Norwich C.B., Norfolk, England.
In September 1939:-

Walter J Dearnaley 02 Sep 1900 Male School Master Principal Married
Gwendoline (Irene) Dearnaley 11 Nov 1900 Female School House Keeper Married
followed by other staff
Schedule No.182.

Unknown (?)

ID# 20787, b. about 1750, d. before 1786
From about 1771, her married name was Dearnley.
Unknown (?) was born about 1750.

Unknown (?) married John Dearnley, son of John Dernely and Unknown (?), about 1771.

Unknown (?) died before 1786.

Children of Unknown (?) and John Dearnley

Mary Ann Garlick

ID# 20788, b. about November 1846
Mary Ann Garlick was born about November 1846 at Charlesworth, Hayfield R.D., Derbyshire, England.

Mary Ann Garlick was the daughter of Jane Garlick.
Mary Ann Garlick appeared in the 1851 census at
Chapel Brow, Charlesworth, Derbyshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

GARLICK, Jane Head Unm 29 Reeler Hattersley, Cheshire
GARLICK, John Son - 7 Scholar Charlesworth, Derbyshire
GARLICK, Joseph Son - 5 Scholar Charlesworth, Derbyshire
GARLICK, Mary Ann Dau - 4 Scholar Charlesworth, Derbyshire

Piece: 2152 Folio: 512 Page: 24
Registration District: Hayfield and Glossop Civil Parish: Charlesworth
Address: Chapel Brow, Charlesworth, Derbyshire.

Joshua (?)

ID# 20790, b. about 1811
Joshua (?) was born about 1811.

in 1839 Joshua (?) lived at Cartworth, Yorkshire, England.

in 1839 Joshua (?) was a recorded as: Stone Mason.

Child of Joshua (?) and Mary Dearnley