Sarah Phenix

ID# 24711, b. December 1804
Sarah Phenix was born in December 1804 at Yorkshire, England.

Sarah Phenix was the daughter of John Fenwick and Ann Dearnley.

Sarah Phenix was baptised on 6 January 1805 at Penistone, Yorkshire, England.

Elizabeth Fenwick

ID# 24712, b. June 1810
Elizabeth Fenwick was born in June 1810 at Yorkshire, England.

Elizabeth Fenwick was the daughter of John Fenwick and Ann Dearnley.

Elizabeth Fenwick was baptised on 8 July 1810 at Penistone, Yorkshire, England.

James Fenwick

ID# 24713, b. 14 December 1819
James Fenwick was born on 14 December 1819 at Denby, Yorkshire, England.

James Fenwick was the son of John Fenwick and Ann Dearnley.

James Fenwick was baptised on 27 May 1821 at Penistone, Yorkshire, England.

Eliza Fenwick

ID# 24714, b. 8 February 1813
Eliza Fenwick was born on 8 February 1813 at Denby, Yorkshire, England.

Eliza Fenwick was the daughter of John Fenwick and Ann Dearnley.

Eliza Fenwick was baptised on 14 February 1813 at Penistone, Yorkshire, England.

Alfred Clegg

ID# 24715, b. 23 April 1869
Alfred Clegg was born on 23 April 1869.

Alfred Clegg married Julia Dearnley, daughter of Abel Dearnaley and Louisa Oakley, about May 1937 at Blackpool R.D., Lancashire, England.

Alfred Clegg appeared in the 1939 register at
24 Southbank Avenue, Blackpool C.B., Lancashire, England.
In September 1939:-

CLEGG, Alfred 23 Apr 1869 Married Travelling Draper
CLEGG, Julia 06 Jan 1885 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
Schedule No. 266.

Child Dernely

ID# 24716, b. about May 1689, d. December 1689


Assumed to be unborn at the time of father John's will:
" ....(and) what rem(ain)es I leave towarde bringing up of my child
Item my will (and) mynd is if my child dye before hee attaines to the age of one and twenty years...."

Child Dernely was born about May 1689 at Derbyshire, England.

Child Dernely was the child of John Dernely and Sarah Fearnes.

Child Dernely died in December 1689 at Padfield, Glossop Parish, Derbyshire, England.

Child Dernely was buried on 6 December 1689 at Glossop Parish, Derbyshire, England,
Father: Jo Jr Dernely of Padfield.

Margaret Darnley

ID# 24717, b. 15 March 1923, d. 8 December 2013
From about 1946, her married name was Margaret Darnley Towne.
Margaret Darnley was born on 15 March 1923 at Toronto, Canada.

Margaret Darnley was the daughter of William McNeil Darnley and Elsie Watts.

Margaret Darnley married Maurice Makey Towne, son of Harry Towne and Olive LaPraire, about 1946.

about 1955 Margaret Darnley lived at Pittstown, Rensselaer County, New York, USA.

Margaret Darnley died on 8 December 2013 at age 90 years, 8 months and 23 days.

Child of Margaret Darnley and Maurice Makey Towne

Maurice Makey Towne

ID# 24718, b. 31 October 1923, d. 15 September 1992
Maurice Makey Towne was also recorded as Morris Towne.
Maurice Makey Towne was born on 31 October 1923 at Ontario, Canada,
An ancestry public tree has 31 Oct 1922.

Maurice Makey Towne was the son of Harry Towne and Olive LaPraire.

about 1943
Maurice was a bombardier with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Maurice Makey Towne married Margaret Darnley, daughter of William McNeil Darnley and Elsie Watts, about 1946.

Maurice Makey Towne died on 15 September 1992 at Old Chatham, Columbia County, New York, USA, at age 68 years, 10 months and 14 days.

Maurice Makey Towne was buried in September 1992 at Chatham Union Cemetery, Old Chatham, Columbia County, New York, USA.

Child of Maurice Makey Towne and Margaret Darnley

O Elizabeth Towne

ID# 24719, b. 18 May 1956, d. 1 June 2011
O Elizabeth Towne also went by the name of Libby.
From 22 June 1997, her married name was Lombard.
O Elizabeth Towne was born on 18 May 1956 at Troy, New York, USA.

O Elizabeth Towne was the daughter of Maurice Makey Towne and Margaret Darnley.

O Elizabeth Towne died on 1 June 2011 at Middlesex, Vermont, USA, at age 55 years and 14 days.