John Owen

ID# 13421, b. about 1715
John Owen was also recorded as Unknown Ervin.
John Owen was born about 1715 at Chapel En Le Frith, Derbyshire.

John Owen married Sarah Dearnaly, daughter of Joseph Dearnaly and Sarah (?), on 12 February 1737 at Chapel En Le Frith, Derbyshire,
another source has 12 Feb 173I (sic.)

Child of John Owen and Sarah Dearnaly

Hannah Derniley

ID# 13422, b. November 1754, d. February 1786
Hannah Derniley was also recorded as Hannah Derneloe.
She was also recorded as Hannah Dernally.
She was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Hannah Derniley was born in November 1754 at Woodley, Cheshire.

Hannah Derniley was the daughter of John Dernally and Mary Somaster.

Hannah Derniley was baptised on 22 November 1754 at Marple, Cheshire,
'Hannah daughter of John Derneloe of Woodley in Bradbury '.

Hannah Derniley died in February 1786 at Bredbury, Cheshire, at age 31 years and 3 months.

Hannah Derniley was buried on 6 February 1786 at Stockport, Cheshire,
Hannah Dernally spinster of Bradbury.

Arthur Derniley

ID# 13423, b. about 1640
Arthur Derniley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Arthur Derniley was born about 1640.

on 8 October 1672 at Manchester, Lancashire,
Wee the Jury of this present Leete Doe p'sent the seuall psons hereafter herein nominated for makeinge and sellinge of Spiced bread and not keepeinge the Assize of Bread. ..

Arthur Derniley vjd
Therefore each of them is in mercy to the Lords of this manno' as it appeares vpon their heads

see The Google Books

The Court Leet records of many of our old English towns include items of interest bearing
on this subject. At Manchester, at the Court Leet held October 1, 1561, it was resolved that
no person or persons be permitted to make for sale any kind of bread in which butter is mixed,
under a fine of 10s. Later, the use of suet was forbidden. In 1595, we are told that " the Court
Leet Jury of Manchester ordered that no person was to be allowed to use butter or suet in cakes
or bread ; fine, 20s. No baker or other person to be allowed to bake said cakes, &c; fine, 20s. No person to be allowed to sell the same ; fine, 20s."
Next year, on September 30, we gather from the records that " eight officers were appointed to
see that no flesh meat was eaten on Fridays and Saturdays, and twelve for the overseeing of them
that put butter, cream, or suet in their cakes."
We learn from the history of Worcester that an order was made in 1641 that the bakers were not
to make spice bread or short cakes, "inasmuch as it enhaunced the price of butter."

Nicholas Dearneley

ID# 13424, b. August 1627, d. 26 December 1677
Nicholas Dearneley was also recorded as Nicholas Durniley.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Durniley.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dearnly.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dearnell.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Divrnall.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Darneley.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Diurnall.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dearnely.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dernely.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dearnally.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Darnelly.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Durneley.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dearnallye.
He was also recorded as Nicholas Dearniley.
He was also recorded as Nicol Dearnelle.
He was also recorded as Michel Dearnelie.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for search.)


William D connection?
A book available on, 'The older nonconformity in Kendal' by Francis Nicholson and Ernest Axon, published in 1915, has a chapter entitled Mr Dearneley to Mr Thorneley 1690-1700 (pages 231-237) which contains the suggestion that 'he was perhaps a son or near relation of Nicholas Dernely of Manchester'. see William Dearneley.

Nicholas Dearneley was born in August 1627 at Dinting, Glossop, Derbyshire.

Nicholas Dearneley was the son of Roger Dernellee and Helena (?)

Nicholas Dearneley was baptised on 23 September 1627 at All Saints Church, Glossop, Derbyshire,
another source has Sudbury, Derbyshire

record title:     England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
name:     Nichol Dearnelle
gender:     Male
baptism/christening date:     23 Sep 1627
baptism/christening place:     Parish Church of Sudbury, Derbyshire, England
father's name:     Roger Dearnelle
mother's name:     Hellen Dearnelle
indexing project (batch) number:     C03688-3
system origin:     England-EASy
source film number:     1785840.

Nicholas Dearneley married Mary Jackson on 23 February 1656 at Manchester, Lancashire,
We are assuming that the 'Nicholaas Divrnall' (as indexed by Ancestry) is our Nicholas D. The same marriage is shown as 'Nicholas Diurnall' by FindMyPast.

Nicholas Di[vr?]nall of Manchester [cloath worker?] son of Roger Di[vr?]nall late of Glossop in the County of Derby ??? And Mary Jackson of Manchester Daughtr of John Jackson late of Ouldham [???] were married at Manchester.

on 9 October 1660
Scavingers for the Markettstead lane - Robert Hilton & Thomas Barlow
The like for Milnegate - John Hinde & Nicholas Dearnely
p.270 The Court leet records of the manor of Manchester; 9 October 1660.

on 30 April 1661
The Jury of this p'sent Court Leet doe Amerce theise psons followinge beinge ellected & sworne officers, for not bringing in p'sentmts
John Hind & Nicholas Darneley - scavengrs Amrcd in xijd apeece
p.288 The Court leet of the manor of Manchester; 30 April 1661.

on 23 December 1661
The diary of the Rev. Henry Newcome from September 30, 1661, to September 29th, 1663
p.37     [Mon Dec 23rd 1661]
"I went to visit Nich: Derneley and Abigail ye evening who are both very ill."
There does not seem to be any connection between Nich D & Abigail. Abigail is referred to a number of times in the diary e.g. V'isited after dinner Ellin Jones and Abigail, both sickc & weake.'

in 1668 at Milnegate, Manchester, Lancashire,
List of the Inhabitants of Manchester:
Nicho: Durnally
assessment levied 1s 0d.

on 5 October 1669
Officers for muzleinge Mastive Dogges & Bitches for the Millne Gate - John Pendlebury, Nicholas Durneley.

on 16 April 1672
Nichus Darnelly.

Nicholas Dearneley married Elizabeth (?) on 31 May 1672 at Cheshire
Nicholas Dearniley of Manchester and Elizabeth Rootes of same, widow, at Thornton or Runcorne, May 31 1672
Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire Vol 69

FamilySearch shows:
Nicholas Durniley & Elizabeth Roote, 3 Jun 1672 Cathedral, Manchester
Nichm Dearniley & Elizam Royles
31 May 1672 Cheshire

At present, we are assuming these are all the same people.

on 8 October 1672
Byelaw man for the Millgate and Toadelane.

on 7 October 1673
Marketlookers for whitemeats for the Milnegate
Mr Nicholas Dearnallye.

on 28 April 1674
Wee theJury of this p'sent Leete Doe p'sent and Amerce theis psonshereafter [named]for not taking their Oaths to pforme the several offices wherevnto they were Elected and chosen the Last Courte Leete in 5 shillings apeece.

.... Nicholas Dearnally ...

affaired to 3s 4d apeece.

on 14 October 1674
Nichus Dearnally.

on 14 October 1674
Bylawman for milnegate & Toadelane
mr Nicholas Dearnally.

Nicholas Dearneley left a will in 1677.
Both Nicholas & Elizabeth wrote wills, but it is uncertain if these survive:
On the web: Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire Vol XV 1887. List of the Wills now preserved in the Probate Court Chester 1660-1680.
Dearnell Nicholas of Manchester 1677
Dearnley Elizabeth of Manchester 1678.
From: White's History Gazetteer and Directory of Cheshire 1860. On page 177 in the entry for Mottram Parish under the heading The Free Grammar School: "… sum of £30 left by Nicholas Dearneley in 1677 appears to be lost …"
- JAD.

Nicholas Dearneley died on 26 December 1677 at Manchester, Lancashire, at age 50 years and 4 months
from: The autobiography of Henry Newcome, M.A.
By Henry Newcome, Thomas Newcome

p.224 [A.D. 1677
"Nicholas Dernely, a considerable bearer of my maintenance, he dies about this time, December 26th."

"Wednesday, December 26th. Nic. Dernely died."

Nicholas Dearneley was buried on 28 December 1677 at Manchester Collegiate Church, Manchester, Lancashire.

in 1677 Nicholas Dearneley was a Clothier.

Moses Darnelly

ID# 13425, b. about 1852
Moses Darnelly was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Moses Darnelly was born about 1852.

Moses Darnelly married Mary Trail on 15 February 1873 at Baldwin, Georgia.

Mary Trail

ID# 13426, b. about 1852
From 15 February 1873, her married name was Darnelly.
Mary Trail was born about 1852.

Mary Trail married Moses Darnelly on 15 February 1873 at Baldwin, Georgia.

John Dernely

ID# 13427, b. about 1657, d. January 1689
John Dernely was also recorded as Jo Dernely Jr.
He was also recorded as John Dearnely the younger.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
John Dernely was born about 1657 at Derbyshire.

John Dernely was the son of John Dearnely and Mary (?)

in 1688 John Dernely lived at Padfield, Glossop, Derbyshire.

on 24 July 1688
The 24 Jul 1688 marriage of John Dernely to Sarah Fearnes is very similar to the 3 Jan 1687 marriage of John Derneley to Sarah Fern in Great Longstone, Derbyshire.
see Sarah Fern.

John Dernely married Sarah Fearnes, daughter of George Fernes, on 24 July 1688 at All Saints Church, Glossop, Derbyshire,
'Jo. Dernely Jun of Padfield & Sarah. [?Soames]'

John Dernely left a will on 25 December 1688 at Little Padfield, Derbyshire.
Will of John Dearnely Jun of Padfield 1688/89
Names in bold. Guesses in italics. Abbreviations expanded thus: (and), or(dai)ne, rem(ain)es.

In the name of God Amen the 25th D(ay) of December in the yeare of our Lord god one
thousand Six hundred Eighty (and) Eight I John Dearnely of Little Padfeild in the County of Derby
yeoman the unprofitable Servant of God b(ein)g weake in body but of strong (and) perfect memory
praysed be god for the same doe make (and) or(dai)ne this my last will (and) testament in manner and
forme following ffirst of all I give (and) beq(uea)th my spirit into the hands of God my ffather who
first framed (and) ffashoned me in my moth(ers) wombe makeing me a liveing (and) a reasonable creature
hopeing through the meritts of Jesus Christ onely saviour (and) redeemer that he will receive my
soule (and) place it amongst his blessed son (and) Angells next of all I give (and) bequeath my body to
the earth of which it was made nothing dou(bt)ing but att the greate and Generall day of Judgment
it shall againe be joyned unto my spirit my corruptible (and) mortall body as now it is but an
incorruptible (and) immortalll body which sha(ll)live (and) raigne with my Lord (and) Saviour Jesus Christ
world without end Now concerneing my w(or)ldly goods which god hath given me my mynde and
will is that my Harriotts debts (and) ffunerall expenses be paid out of my personall estate (then there is a crossed out section) (and) what rem(ain)es I leave towarde bringing up of my child Item my
will (and) mynd is if my child dye before hee attaines to the age of one and twenty years
or comes to preferment (another crossed out section) my will (and) mynd is that my ffather John Dearnely
his Assigne or Assignes shall have hold enjoy all my Lands (and) Tenements goods (and) chattels
Lastly my mynd (and) will is (and) I make and apointe my ffather John Dearnely And my ffather
in law George Ffearnes execut(or)s of this last will (and) testament In witness whereof I have
hereunto sett my hand and seale the day (and) yeare above written
John Dearnely
Sealed (and) delivered in
the presence of viz
Antho. Reddish
Tho. Hadfeild

Probate granted Chesterfield 15 October 1689

A true (and) p(er)fect Inventory of all (and) singular the Goodes
Creditts Chattells (and) Cattells of John Derneley the younger
late of Little Padfield w(ith)in the p(ar)ish of Glossopp in the
County of Derby yeom(an) Dev(ise)d (and) prized by us whose names
are subscribed the 17th day of Jan(uar)y Ano Dom 1688
(note: this is the ecclesiastical year 1688 ie January 1689)
Imp[rimis]   ti s d
  In money in his purse [and] his apparel 05 00 00
Item One Table six Chaires 2 Buffetts one       }      
  little Table [and] Twelve quishonse in the }      
  mansion or dwellinge house                   } 01 14 00
  One bed [and] 3 chaires 3 00 00
It[em] One Bed w[i]th ffurniture [and] drape in [the] p[ar]lour chaires 04 00 00
It[em] One Chest or Coffer 00 10 00
It[em] Twelve stones of Wool [and] One stone }      
  Weight of Yarne                                } 05 00 00
It[em] One pair of Bedstockes [and] ffurniture for    }      
  a Bed in the Chamber ov[er] [the] house     } 02 00 00
Item One p[ar] cell of Malt [and] a little Barley 01 11 00
Item Two Arkes 00 13 00
It[em] Two P[ai]re of Bedstockes in the chamb[er] ov[er] }      
It[em] the little p[ar)]lor                                            } 00 10 00
Item sev[er]all Dishes [and] of Pewter [and] Brasse 02 10 00
Item Certainie beffells of wood 00 13 04
It[em] Certainie Instruments of Iron 01 05 00
It[em] Two pair of sheetes Three Pillow   }      
  beers [and] Three Table Napkins   } 00 16 00
It[em] Two Ould Table Clothes 00 01 00
It[em] Salt Beefe Butter [and] Cheese 00 10 00
It[em] Twenty six Bookes 00 06 08
It[em] Two Oxen 07 00 00
It[em] Ffive Twinters 08 06 08
It[em] One Little Heifer 02 00 00
It[em] Ffour Cowes [and] One Bullock 14 00 00
It[em] Ffour Calves 04 00 00
It[em] Sixty prime sheep 16 00 00
It[em] One Horsy 17 00 00
It[em] One Ganye of ffollyes [and] some Arkes sills [and] bord 00 05 00
It[em] One Little Coffer [and] One Iron Cott 00 15 00
It[em] In Lime [and] manure 00 10 00
It[em] One Hackney sadle [and] One Pack sadle [and] Bridle 00 10 00
It[em] Certene Little Spining Wheeles [and] One chest 00 03 04
It[em] Some Husbandry Ware [and] all other Huslem[en]ts 00 08 00
  John Waterhouse 102 06 00

Transcribed by Janet A Davies
February 2012.

John Dernely died in January 1689 at Little Padfield, Derbyshire.

Child of John Dernely and Sarah Fearnes

Sarah Fearnes

ID# 13428, b. about 1667
Sarah Fearnes was also recorded as Sarah Ferenes.
From 24 July 1688, her married name was Dernely.
Sarah Fearnes was born about 1667.

Sarah Fearnes was the daughter of George Fernes.

in 1688 Sarah Fearnes lived at Hope, Derbyshire.

Sarah Fearnes married John Dernely, son of John Dearnely and Mary (?), on 24 July 1688 at All Saints Church, Glossop, Derbyshire,
'Jo. Dernely Jun of Padfield & Sarah. [?Soames]'

Child of Sarah Fearnes and John Dernely

Hannah Walker

ID# 13430, b. 1843, d. about August 1888
From 21 December 1867, her married name was Dearnaley.
From 21 December 1867, her married name was Dearneley.
Hannah Walker was born in 1843 at Cheshire.

Hannah Walker was the daughter of John Walker and Harriet (?)

Hannah Walker married Robert Dearneley, son of William Dearneley and Mary Haigh, on 21 December 1867 at Parish Church, Stalybridge, Castle Hall Parish, Cheshire,
Robert Dearneley 25 Bachelor, Mechanic res: Stalybridge fa: William Dearneley, Engineer
Hannah Walker 24 Spinster, --- res: Stalybridge fa: John Walker, Weaver
Both signed
Witnesses: Thomas Dearneley & Alfred Walker.

Hannah Walker died about August 1888 at Ashton, Lancashire,
Dearneley, Hannah age:45 Ashton vol. 8d p.355 1888 Sep Deaths.

Hannah Walker appeared in the 1871 census at
7 John Street, Dukinfield, Stalybridge, Cheshire.
On 2 April 1871:-

WALKER, Harriet Head Wid 60 - Bolton see Harriet (?)
WALKER, John Son Unm 29 Moulder - Iron Foundry Stalybridge, Cheshire
WALKER, Alfred Son Unm 23 Self Actor - Cotton Mule Stalybridge, Cheshire
WALKER, Samuel Son Unm 20 Self Actor - Cotton Mule Stalybridge, Cheshire
DEARNELEY, Robert Lodger Mar 28 Engine Driver - Cotton Mule Stalybridge, Cheshire see Robert Dearneley
DEARNELEY, Hannah Wife Mar 27 - Stalybridge, Cheshire
DEARNELEY, Alfred Son - 1 - Stalybridge, Cheshire

RG number: RG10 Piece: 4084 Folio: 95 Page: 38
Registration District: Ashton Under Lyne Sub District: Dukinfield
Enumeration District: 22F
Civil Parish: Dukinfield Municipal Borough: Staly Bridge
Address: 7 John Street, Dukinfield, Staly Bridge, Lancashire.

Hannah Walker appeared in the 1881 census at
2 New Spring Bk Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire.
On 3 April 1881:-

DEARNELEY, Robert Head Mar 38 Engineer Stalybridge, Cheshire see Robert Dearneley
DEARNELEY, Hannah Wife Mar 37 - Stalybridge, Cheshire
DEARNELEY, Harriet Ann Dau Sngl 9 Scholar Stalybridge, Cheshire
WALKER, Harriet Mother Wid 69 Annuitant Hadfield, Yorkshire see Harriet (?)
WALKER, John Lodger Mar 39 Iron Moulder Stalybridge, Cheshire see John Walker
WALKER, Samuel Lodger Widr 30 Cot Mule Minder Stalybridge, Cheshire see Samuel Walker

RG number: RG11 Piece: 4055 Folio: 12 Page: 18
Registration District: Ashton Under Lyne Sub District: Dukinfield
Civil Parish: Dukinfield (Cheshire)
Address: 2, New Spring Bk St, Dukinfield (Cheshire.)

Children of Hannah Walker and Robert Dearneley