Sarah Dearnley

ID# 13052, b. about 1816
Sarah Dearnley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (transcription only.)


Possibly the Sarah (1820-) who later married Andrew Cartwright.
see Sarah Dearnley.

Sarah Dearnley was born about 1816.

in 1837 Sarah Dearnley lived at Totties, Yorkshire, England.

Child of Sarah Dearnley

John Dearnley

ID# 13053, b. September 1837
John Dearnley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)


Is this the John D lodging with the Hall family in 1851 & 1861? HID:]see John Dearnley.

John Dearnley was born in September 1837 at Totties, Yorkshire, England.

John Dearnley was the son of Sarah Dearnley.

John Dearnley was baptised on 22 October 1837 at All Hallows, Kirkburton Parish, Yorkshire, England,
'John son of Sarah Dearnley, Totties, Spinster.'

Hannah Barrass

ID# 13054, b. 1803, d. about February 1872
From 20 April 1835, her married name was Dearnley.
From 20 April 1835, her married name was Dearnaly.


Richard and Samuel Barrass were the first members of this family to join the waterside community. They were allocated a strip of land near Stainforth Bridge, on the West Bank, over which they later claimed ownership by means of the enclosure award.
In 1840, John Barrass was apprenticed to John Dearnaley, a sailmaker of South Bank.
John Barrass’s son, George, was the last Stainforth sailmaker. He died in 1907.
Ernest Barrass was a man of many means. He started work as a joiner, later becoming an undertaker, and then finished his working days as a shopkeeper.
Aaron Barrass was a local preacher after he retired from being a keelman.
There was also Fred Barrass, of whom I know only that he too was a keelman.


Hannah Barrass was born in 1803 at Beamsley, Yorkshire, England.

Hannah Barrass married John Dearnaly, son of John Dearnaly and Mary Charles, on 20 April 1835 at All Saints, Darton, Yorkshire, England,
'John Dearnley of the Parish Hadfield, A Bachelor and Hannah Barrass of this Parish Widow were married in this Church by Banns...'
Both signed ('John Dearnaly', 'Hannah Barrass')
Witnesses: John Wigglesworth, Richard Walker & Mary Ann Heppenstall*

* John's sister Ann was married to a Heppenstall.

Hannah Barrass died about February 1872 at Thorne R.D., Yorkshire, England,
Indexed as Hannah Dearnaly aged 68.

Hannah Barrass appeared in the 1841 census at
Hatfield, Stainforth, Stainforth With Bramwith, Yorkshire, England.
On 6 June 1841:-
note: Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5.
DEARNALY, John 35 Yorkshire
DEARNALY, Hannah 35 Yorkshire
RHODES, John 15 Yorkshire

RG number: HO107 Piece: 1331 Book/Folio: 10/6 Page: 6
Registration District: Thorne Sub District: Thorne
Civil Parish: Hatfield
Address: Stainforth, Hatfield, Stainforth With Bramwith County: Yorkshire.

Hannah Barrass appeared in the 1851 census at
Stainforth, Thorne, Yorkshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

DEARNLEY, John Head Mar 48 Sail Maker Thorne, Yorkshire
DEARNLEY, Hannah Wife Mar 48 - Barnsley, Yorkshire
BARASS, John Nephew Unm 17 Sail Maker Stainforth, Yorkshire

Address: Stainforth, Yorkshire Parish: Stainforth
Village: Stainforth Registration District: Thorne
RG number: HO107 Piece: 2349 Folio: 246 Page: 35.

Hannah Barrass appeared in the 1861 census at
Linble Street, Stainforth, Yorkshire, England.
On 7 April 1861:-

DEARNALY, John Head Mar 57 Sail Maker Employing 1 Man Thorne, Yorkshire
DEARNALY, Hannah Wife Mar 57 - Beamsley, Yorkshire

RG number: RG09 Piece: 3524 Folio: 74 Page: 5
Registration District: Thorne Sub District: 2 Thorne Enumeration District: 6
Civil Parish: Stainforth
Address: Linble Street, Stainforth, Yorkshire (West Riding.)

Hannah Barrass appeared in the 1871 census at
Fleets, Stainforth, Yorkshire, England.
On 2 April 1871:-

DEARNALY, John Head 66 Sailmaker Yorkshire
DEARNALY, Hannah Wife 67 Sailmaker wife Yorkshire
KAY, Sarah H Niece 18 Domestic Servant Stainforth, Yorkshire
BARRASS, George Nephew* 14 Sailmaker Stainforth, Yorkshire

RG number: RG10 Piece: 4726 Folio: 64 Page: 7
Registration District: Thorne Sub District: Thorne
Enumeration District: 6 Civil Parish: Stainforth
Address: Fleets, Stainforth. Yorkshire

* Hannah's brother's son.

John Dearnely

ID# 13055, b. April 1832, d. about 1832
John Dearnely was also recorded as John Dearneley.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)


John & brother Joseph are assumed to have died in infancy. When father David died in Aug 1832, the newspaper report shows that he then had five children.

John Dearnely was born in April 1832 at Tintwistle, Cheshire, England.

John Dearnely was the son of David Dearnaley and Hannah Mitchell.

John Dearnely was baptised on 2 May 1832 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel, Tintwistle, Cheshire, England,
John son of David & Hannah Dearneley; abode: Tintwistle; occupation: Joiner.

John Dearnely died about 1832
John & brother Joseph are assumed to have died in infancy. When father David died in Aug 1832, the newspaper report shows that he then had five children. (Ruth, George, Abel, Betty & David.)

John Edwy Darneley

ID# 13056, b. 9 November 1823, d. April 1854
John Edwy Darneley was also recorded as John E Darnley.
He was also recorded as John Dernelly.
He was also recorded as John Edwy Dearnelly.
He was also recorded as John Edroy Dearnelly.
He was also recorded as Darneley.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
John Edwy Darneley was born in October 1823 at Derbyshire, England.

John Edwy Darneley was baptised on 9 November 1823 at St. Peter's Church, Hope, Derbyshire, England.

John Edwy Darneley was the son of John Dearnelly and Hannah Hallam.

John Edwy Darneley died in April 1854 at Bradwell, Derbyshire, England, at age 30 years and 4 months
Derbyshire Times. Saturday 29th. April 1854 Page 3 Col. 3

Suffocation from Choke Damp at Bradwell, Derbyshire.

The village of Bradwell, about twelve miles from Sheffield, was thrown into consternation a few days since by the death of four men from choke-damp. Many inhabitants are miners, and rich veins of lead ore, running from east to west, are worked at a distance of three miles from the village. Most of the ore is smelted at the village, where there are several cupolas for the purpose. A correspondent of a daily paper says -"Four men lie dead at the works, erected near the old cupola, about four of five years ago, for the purpose of extracting lead from the "slag", or refuse from the old smelting furnace, by some improved process. These works have been out of operation for twelve months, and were reopened on Wednesday. In consequence of the pump which supplied the engine with water not working properly, the manager of the works, a man named Mitchell, was obliged to descend the well and open a valve to allow the air to escape. This valve was fixed to a stage which was about six feet and a half from the bottom of the well, and reached from above by a ladder. It appeared that Mitchell had performed this operation several times during the day, and between ten and eleven o'clock on Wednesday night, he went down again, for the same purpose. Being absent for some time on this occasion, one of the workmen named Hallam descended the well to see what was the matter. Hallam was heard by some others of the workmen calling to Mitchell, by presently his voice ceased. The workmen became alarmed, and on one of them descending the well, he found both Mitchell and Hallam senseless. This man was unable to render his companions any assistance, such were the overpowering effects of the air, being highly charged with noxious vapours. He made his escape with the aid of parties at the mouth of the well, with considerable difficulty. Some of the workmen set off to the village for assistance, and on their way met two young men, named John Dernelly and Joseph Elliot, to whom they communicated the fact that Mitchell and Hallam were lying in the well nearly dead, but unfortunately without adding a word of caution as to the danger of descending the well. Dernelly and Elliot hurried of to the well, whilst the workmen went forward to the village. It appears that on arriving at the well Elliot descended, and being a powerful young man, he succeeded nearly in reaching the mouth of the well, being one of the bodies in his arms. Suddenly he wavered and let go his burden to save himself. Dernelly caught hold of him, but the superincumbent weight dragged him from his feet, and he and his companion fell to the bottom of the pit. It was sometime before the well was sufficiently cleared of choke-damp to permit of it being explored; but when this had been done the four unfortunate men were found lifeless. Mitchell has left a wife and four children; Hallam a wife (who is near her confinement), and four little ones; Elliot and Dernelly were not married men.

John Edwy Darneley appeared in the 1851 census at
Bradwell, Hope, Derbyshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

DARNLEY, John E Son Unm 27 Joiner Bradwell, Derbyshire
DARNLEY, Mary Dau Unm 29 School Mistress Bradwell, Derbyshire
DARNLEY, Selina Dau Unm 30 Dress Maker Bradwell, Derbyshire
FAPPRED*, Sarah Ann Visitor Unm 6 - Chapel En Le Frith, Derbyshire

* could be Fappico

RG number: HO107 Piece: 2150 Folio: 520 Page: 5
Registration District: Bakewell Sub District: Tideswell
Enumeration District: 16B Civil Parish: Hope
Address: Bradwell, Hope, Derbyshire.

John Dearneley

ID# 13059, b. 5 June 1826, d. February 1828
John Dearneley was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
John Dearneley was born on 5 June 1826 at Romiley, Cheshire, England.

John Dearneley was the son of Richard Dernaly and Susannah Higinbotham.

John Dearneley was baptised on 17 July 1826 at Independent, Hatherlow, Cheshire, England,
Entry No. 43
'John [son of] Richd Dearneley & Susan* his wife; abode: Romiley; born: June 5th 1826; bapt: Juy 17th 1826'

* Susan has been transcribed as Sarah and indeed looks that way at first glance. However, the loop of the ‘&’ makes the ‘n’ look like an ‘h’. Sarah is also written in an earlier entry and the 'ar' and 'us' are different.          
- JAD.

John Dearneley died in February 1828 at Cheshire, England, at age 1 year and 7 months.

John Dearneley was buried on 13 February 1828 at Hatherlow Independent, Hatherlow, Cheshire, England,
Aged one year and 7 mths.

John Dearnally

ID# 13060, b. 10 May 1822
John Dearnally was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
John Dearnally was born on 10 May 1822 at Flush House, Austonley, Yorkshire, England.

John Dearnally was the son of Joseph Dearneley and Betty Sykes.

John Dearnally was baptised on 27 October 1822 at Lane Independent, Holmfirth, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England.