Elizabeth Derneley

ID# 12841, b. 12 February 1615, d. after 1667
Elizabeth Derneley was also recorded as Elizabeth Darnley.
She was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for search.)
From about 1633, her married name was Davies.
From about 1633, her married name was Davis.


Mentioned in the 1654 will of Cicely (Sutton) (Crossley) Darnelly.
see Cicily Sutton

also mentioned in brother Edward's will (1676)
see Edward Darnelie.

Elizabeth Derneley was born on 6 February 1615.

Elizabeth Derneley was baptised on 12 February 1615 at St. Mary's Colechurch, London, London.

Elizabeth Derneley was the daughter of Daniel Darneley and Cicily Sutton.

Elizabeth Derneley married Edward Davies about 1633.

Elizabeth Derneley died after 1667
Mentioned in brother Richard's 1667 will.

Children of Elizabeth Derneley and Edward Davies

Elizabeth Dearnly

ID# 12842, b. September 1773
Elizabeth Dearnly was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
She was also recorded as Elizbeth.
Elizabeth Dearnly was born in September 1773 at Lepton, Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Dearnly was the daughter of Joseph Dearnley and Ann Hartley.

Elizabeth Dearnly was baptised on 21 October 1773 at St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton, Yorkshire,
'Elizth of Jos Dearnley Lept.'

Elizabeth Dernelly

ID# 12843, b. about 1476
Elizabeth Dernelly was also recorded as Darnell.
She was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for search.)
From about 1497, her married name was Harbottell.
Elizabeth Dernelly was born about 1476 at Dernelly, Derbyshire.

Elizabeth Dernelly was the daughter of John Dernelly and (?) (?)

Elizabeth Dernelly married Thomas Harbottell about 1497
Thomas Harbottell, gent., discended of a yonger Sone of Sr Thomas Harbottell of Harbottell Castell in .... Knight.
Harbottell his Armes are, Az., 3 Clubbes wayvy in bend Or.
= Elizabeth Dernelley, daughter and heyr of John Dernelly of Dernelly in Darbysher, gentelm.
Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica p. 10
Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A.
Volume I. Second Series published 1886
Available from Google Books
see bottom right of page 10

Harbottle Castle is in Northumberland. It was taken over by Henry VIII in 1546.
Built by the Umfraville family to assist in securing the border against Scottish expansionism, the castle was attacked on numerous occasions prompting regular upgrades which converted it into a substantial fortress. During the reign of Henry VIII it became the residence of Margaret Tudor, dowager Queen of Scotland, during the troubled minority of James V.
"Sr Thomas Harbottell of Harbottell Castell" may refer to Sir Thomas de Umfreville (c.1329-1387) Harbottle Castle, Northumberland.

Harbottle Castle

- MED.

Child of Elizabeth Dernelly and Thomas Harbottell

Helena (?)

ID# 12844, b. about 1595
Helena (?) was also recorded as Ellen (?)
She was also recorded as Elina (?)
From about 1616, her married name was Helen Dernilee.
From about 1616, her married name was Dernellee.
From about 1616, her married name was Hellen Dearnelle.
Helena (?) was born about 1595.

Helena (?) married Roger Dernellee (X), son of Oliver Dearnilie and Ann (?), about 1616.

in 1620 Helena (?) lived at Dinting, Glossop, Derbyshire.

in 1623 Helena (?) lived at Dinting, Glossop, Derbyshire.

on 26 October 1652
A "Widdow Dearneley of Whitfield" was buried in Glossop in 1652. This could be Helena 1652 (thus confirming the death of Roger in Whitfield in 1645). -JAD.

Children of Helena (?) and Roger Dernellee (X)

Roger Dernellee (X)

ID# 12845, b. about 1591
Roger Dernellee (X) was also recorded as Roger Dernilee.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for search.)


Suggested Generations of Roger D.

     The generation numbers are based on the Rogers known in November 2016.




 known dates


 I  Roger de Dearnley  c1300  Alive 1332    Contributed to subsidy of 1332.
 II  Roger Dearnley
 perhaps also
 Roger Dernele
 c1335      The Roger Dearnley named in the 1444 court case
 with son John.
 On the 1379 West Riding Subsidy roll.
 (III)          John the father of Geoffrey, named in 1444 case,
 is in this generation.
 IV  (Unnamed Dearnley
  maybe a Roger)
   1444 court case    Assuming there was a Dearnley involved in the
 1444 case, a younger brother of Geoffrey, from
 whom the Whiteheads recovered the property.
 (V)          John I 1450-1504, wife Alice, is in this
 VI  Roger Dernely  c1470  Court case 1504-15    Was Roger VI the eldest son of John I?
 VII  Roger Dernylye  c1500  John II's will 1537    Roger VII was to counsel John II?s children.
 (Based on the above suggestion for Roger VI, Roger
 VII and John II would be cousins.)
 VIII  Roger Dearnley
 Roddger Dernelie
 Rodger Dearnilie
 c1537  Court case 1580.
 Named in 1586 will.
 Son's will 1591.
   Named in 1586 will of Oliver of the Blackshaw.
 (2nd cousins?)
 (IX)          Oliver of Dinting in this generation.
 X  Roger Dernellee  c1591      Moved from Dinting to Whitfield.

The above table ignores the 4 Rogers in the Dernylegh family tree reproduced on the pre-1500 page see Early Dearnleys (about half-way down)
(Roger Dernylegh 1500-, Roger Dernylegh 1520-, Roger Dernylegh 1560-, Roger Dernylegh 1579-) as the dates given in the tree appear to be erroneous.
Further comments on this can be found on the Early Dearnleys page.

We are assuming that this Roger is the unborn child mentioned by Oliver in his 1591 will.
see Oliver Dearnilie

There may be a further son of this family. Another Roger, born after 1624, who doesn't appear in Glossop records. This Roger turns up first in Austonley & then in Almondbury and finally Grange in Thurstonland. - IG
see Roger Dearnelly.

Roger Dernellee (X) was born about 1591.

Roger Dernellee (X) was the son of Oliver Dearnilie and Ann (?)

Roger Dernellee (X) married Helena (?) about 1616.

in 1620 Roger Dernellee (X) lived at Dinting, Glossop, Derbyshire.

in 1623 Roger Dernellee (X) lived at Dinting, Glossop, Derbyshire.

in 1626 Roger Dernellee (X) lived at The Hilltoppe, Dinting, Glossop, Derbyshire,
There is a reference to 'Rodger Dearnilie of the Hilltoppe' in the will of Anne Newton of Glossop 1626.
There is a Hilltop Road marked on modern maps in the Dinting area. -JAD.

about 1632 Roger Dernellee (X) lived at Whitfield, Derbyshire.

in July 1632
There is an Edward D., in the Glossop parish transcripts, born in Whitfield & the son of Roger & Elizabeth .
see Edward Dernelee
This could indeed be a family of one, but I have a suspicion that wife Elizabeth might be a transcription error, or an error in the original records, and that Edward was a child of Roger Dernellee 1595 and Helena (fitting into the gap 1629 to 1635). - JAD.

in 1645
possibly the Roger Dearneley who died 17 May 1645.

I.G.- A conjectural tree for this Roger D. branch:
Roger D, bur 17 May 1645 = Helen ?, ?bur 26 Oct 1652 as Widdow D of Whitfield
    Joana bur 07 Oct 1620
    Anna bapt 27 Aug 1620
    Willielmus bapt 07 Nov1621 bur 05 Mar 1621/2
    Elizabeth bapt 28 Sep 1623 bur 20 Jan 1623/4                              
    Ellena bur 02 Nov 1623
    Rogerus bur 06 Feb 1623/4
    Roger[u]s bapt 15 Jan 1624/5, best candidate for Roger of Austonley & Almondbury
    Nicol aka Miche[a]l
    Will[ia]m bapt 27 Dec 1629 = Ann ?, bur 20 Nov 1663     also see William Dernely
         ?John (Glossop) bapt 05 Sep 1647 (more likely to have been the son of William of Padfield)
         ?Joseph (Glossop) bapt 16 Mar 1650/1
         Mary (Whitfield) bapt 17 Sep 1652
         Anthony (Whitfield) bapt 07 Mar 1655/6
         John (Whitfield) bur 4 Apr 1658
         Unnamed son (Whitfield) bur 20 Nov 1663
         = ?
         John (Whitfield) bapt 25 Nov 1668
         (Whitfield) bur 27 Jan 1685/6
    Edward[u]s bapt 22 Jul 1632. The mother's name is given as Elizabeth.
    Thomas bapt 10 May 1635 bur 22 Sep 1636
    Anna bapt 21 Jan 1638
    Samuel bapt 31 Oct 1641 (the father's name is given as Regn) bur 20 Mar 1642/3

The tree at http://familytree.dearnley.com/reports/ui61.htm must, I think, connect into this.
- Ian Goddard.

Children of Roger Dernellee (X) and Helena (?)

Betty Dearnley

ID# 12846, b. about 1811
Her married name was Marsden.
Betty Dearnley was born about 1811.

Betty Dearnley married Joseph Marsden on 24 September 1832 at Kirkheaton, Yorkshire.

Joseph Marsden

ID# 12847, b. about 1811
Joseph Marsden was born about 1811.

Joseph Marsden married Betty Dearnley on 24 September 1832 at Kirkheaton, Yorkshire.

Eliza Dearnelly

ID# 12850, b. 10 August 1823
Eliza Dearnelly was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Eliza Dearnelly was born on 28 March 1823 at Lancashire.

Eliza Dearnelly was baptised on 10 August 1823 at Christ Church, Denton, Lancashire.

Eliza Dearnelly was the daughter of James Dearnley and Nancy Oldham.