Sarah Warton

ID# 16991, b. about 1665
Sarah Warton was also recorded as Sarah Wharton.


Sarah Wharton is shown as 'grandaughter' in Edward Darnelie's will

see Edward Darnelie.

Sarah Warton was born about 1665.

Sarah Warton was the daughter of James Warton and Hannah Darnelly.

Valentin Franklin

ID# 16992, b. about 1594
Valentin Franklin was born about 1594.

Child of Valentin Franklin

John Sutton

ID# 16993, b. about 1546
John Sutton was born about 1546.

Child of John Sutton

Edward Claxton

ID# 16994, b. about 1588
Edward Claxton was born about 1588.

Edward Claxton married Judith Pennington about 1610.

Child of Edward Claxton and Judith Pennington

Judith Pennington

ID# 16995, b. about 1588
From about 1610, her married name was Claxton.
Judith Pennington was born about 1588.

Judith Pennington married Edward Claxton about 1610.

Child of Judith Pennington and Edward Claxton

John Cox

ID# 16996, b. 12 October 1627, d. about 1628
John Cox was born in October 1627.

John Cox was baptised on 12 October 1627.

John Cox was the son of Ralph Cox and Sarah Crossley.

John Cox died about 1628
'died young'
Boyd's Inhabitants Of London/Boyd's Family Units
COX, Raphe.

John Dearneley

ID# 16998, b. about 1703
John Dearneley was also recorded as John Dernely.
He was also recorded as John Dearnely.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)


A John D of Whitfield buried two unnamed children in 1734 (3 Sep) & 1736.
All Saints Glossop Burials.


John's family is mentioned in his brother William's will (1761)
"I give unto the Children of John Dearneley my Brother twenty Pounds to be equally divided amongst them"
see William Dearneley

The majority of William's nephews & nieces were bequeathed "twenty shillings apiece". The exception is brother John's children, of whom we only have three listed.
The large amount bequeathed could perhaps indicate that John D had other children living in 1761.

John Dearneley was born about 1703.

John Dearneley was the son of Joseph Dearneley and Sara (?)

John Dearneley married Unknown (?) about 1726.

in 1733 John Dearneley lived at Whitfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

in 1786 John Dearneley lived at Whitfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, England,
From granddaughter Martha's baptism entry.
June 4th - Martha daughter of James Dearnely of Whitfield linen weaver, son of Edward Dearnaley of Hadfield clothier; and Ann daughter of John Dearnely of Whitfield husbandman; born 6th May 1786.
Ann Church's trancriptions Parish Registers: Church of England: Glossop, Derbyshire

Not definitive evidence that John was alive in 1786.

Children of John Dearneley and Unknown (?)

Child of John Dearneley