Henry Doxon

ID# 2911, b. about 1608, d. January 1649
Henry Doxon was also recorded as Henrici Doxson.
He was also recorded as Henry Depson.
Henry Doxon was born about 1608.

Henry Doxon was the son of Thomas Doxon and Elizabeth (?)

in 1629 Henry Doxon lived at Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

Henry Doxon married Alice Dernelee, daughter of John Dernilee and Elizabeth Bramhall, on 22 September 1629 at All Saints Church, Glossop, Derbyshire, England,
Henricus DOXON     Glossop     son of Thomae & Elizabeth     &
Alicia DERNELEE     Glossop     dau of Johis & Elizabeth.

Henry Doxon died in January 1649 at Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

Henry Doxon was buried on 24 January 1649 at Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

Thomas Doxon

ID# 2912, b. about 1580
Thomas Doxon was born about 1580.

Thomas Doxon married Elizabeth (?) about 1601.

Child of Thomas Doxon and Elizabeth (?)

William Ball

ID# 2913, b. about 1917
William Ball was born about 1917.

William Ball married Emily Sheehan, daughter of Joseph Sheehan and Florence Shawcross, about November 1947 at Stockport, Cheshire, England.

Irene Dearnley

ID# 2916, b. 21 October 1922, d. November 1991
From about November 1951, her married name was Ward.
Irene Dearnley was born on 21 October 1922 at Oldham, Lancashire, England,
Alleged father: John Jones.
see Frank Ramsden Dearnaley divorce documents.

Irene Dearnley was the daughter of Sarah Jane Alexander.

Irene Dearnley married Joseph Ward about November 1951 at Oldham R.D., Lancashire, England.

Irene Dearnley died in November 1991 at Oldham R.D., Lancashire, England, at age 69 years.

Irene Dearnley appeared in the 1939 register at
13 Crossbank Street, Oldham C.B., Lancashire, England.
In September 1939:-

PRICE, John 13 Apr 1875 Married General Labourer
PRICE, Ethel M 06 Feb 1904 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Spinning
PRICE, Alice 07 Sep 1911 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Spinning
DEARNLEY, Sarah A 05 Mar 1882 Divorced Unpaid Domestic Duties
DEARNLEY, Irene (later Ward) 21 Oct 1922 Single Ring Doffer Cotton Spinning
Schedule No. 5.

Mary (?)

ID# 2917, b. 1786, d. April 1853
From about 1810, her married name was Dearnaley.
From about 1810, her married name was Dearneley.
From about 1810, her married name was Dearnley.
From about 1810, her married name was Dearnely.
Mary (?) was born in 1786 at Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

Mary (?) married Samuel Dearnely, son of Joseph Dearneley and Elizabeth Dernaley, about 1810 at Cheshire, England,
possibly the marriage of Samuel Denerley to Mary Smith.
see Samuel Denerley.

Mary (?) died in April 1853 at Hadfield, Derbyshire, England, at age 67 years.

Mary (?) was buried on 9 April 1853 at Glossop Parish, Derbyshire, England,
'Mary Dearnaley; abode: Hadfield; buried April 2nd [1853]; aged 67'
'Samuel Dearnaley; abode: Hadfield; buried April 9th [1853]; aged 68y ??     '
Glossop Parish Burials

Am currently assuming that Samuel & Mary were husband & wife & died within days of each other.

Mary (?) appeared in the 1841 census at
Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, England.
On 6 June 1841:-
note: Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5.
page 1
DEARNALEY, Joseph 80 Farmer Derbyshire see Joseph Dearneley
DEARNALEY, William 45 Shoe M Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Lydia 45 Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Martha 20 Cotton M Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Sarah 20 Cotton M Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Betty 15 Cotton M Derbyshire

page 2
DEARNALEY, Samuel 55 Hatter Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Mary 55 Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, William 15 Cotton W Derbyshire

RG number: HO107 Piece: 185 Book/Folio: 9/17 Page: 28

following page:
DEARNALY, Samuel 45 Hatter Derbyshire see Samuel Dearnaley
DEARNALY, Mary 40 Derbyshire
DEARNALY, Joseph 7 Derbyshire
DEARNALY, John 7 Derbyshire
DEARNALY, Elizabeth 4 Derbyshire
DEARNALY, William 1 Derbyshire

RG number: HO107 Piece: 185 Book/Folio: 9/17 Page: 29
Registration District: Hayfield & Glossop Sub District: Glossop
Civil Parish: Glossop
Address: Hadfield, Glossop, Hadfield County: Derbyshire.

Mary (?) appeared in the 1851 census at
Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire, England.
On 30 March 1851:-

DEARNALEY, Samuel Head Mar 66 Hatter Glossop, Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Mary Wife Mar 65 - Glossop, Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, William Son Mar 26 Labourer Glossop, Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Margaret Dau-in-law Mar 25 - Lond-County, Ireland
DEARNALEY, Samuel Visitor Unm 3 - Glossop, Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, John Visitor - 1 - Glossop, Derbyshire

Address: Hadfield, Derbyshire Parish: Hadfield
Ecclesiastical District: Whitfield Village: Hadfield
Registration District: Hayfield, Glossop
RG number: HO 107 Piece: 2152 Page: 43.

Children of Mary (?) and Samuel Dearnely

Mary (?)

ID# 2918, b. 1829
From about 1850, her married name was Mariner.
Mary (?) was born in 1829 at Blackake, Blackburn, Lancashire, England.

Mary (?) married George Mariner about 1850.

Mary (?) appeared in the 1911 census at
3 Byng Street, Bolton, Lancashire, England.
On 2 April 1911:-

DEARNALEY, John Head Mar 61 Tram Shed Labourer Hadfield near Glossop, Derbyshire
DEARNALEY, Elizabeth Alice Wife Mar 35 yrs 61 - Chorley
MARINER, Mary Mo-in-law Wid 81 - Blackake near Blackburn, Lancashire

RG number: RG14 Piece: 23429 Registration District: Bolton
Sub District: Great Bolton and Lever Enumeration District: 20 Parish: Bolton
Address: 3 Byng St E Bolton, Lancashire.

Child of Mary (?) and George Mariner

Margaret Ainsworth

ID# 2919, b. 1838
From about February 1860, her married name was Whittaker.
Margaret Ainsworth was born in 1838 at Blackburn, Lancashire, England.

Margaret Ainsworth married Seth Whittaker about February 1860 at Blackburn, Lancashire, England,
1860 Blackburn 8e 472 1Q.

Margaret Ainsworth appeared in the 1881 census at
49 Hermitage Street, Rishton, Blackburn, Lancashire, England.
On 3 April 1881:-

WHITTAKER, Seth Head Mar 43 Overlooker (Cotton) Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Margaret Wife Mar 42 Keeps House Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Jane E Dau Sngl 20 Cotton Weaver Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Eliza Dau Sngl 18 Cotton Weaver Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Angelina Dau Sngl 17 Cotton Weaver Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, James Wm Son Sngl 9 Scholar Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Arthur Son Sngl 5 Scholar Lower Darwen, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Minnie Dau Sngl 2 - Lower Darwen, Lancashire

RG number: RG11 Piece: 4178 Folio: 89 Page: 18
Registration District: Blackburn Sub District: Harwood
Civil Parish: Rishton
Address: 49, Hermitage St, Rishton, Lancashire.

Margaret Ainsworth appeared in the 1901 census at
12 Temperance Street, Mottram, Cheshire, England.
On 31 March 1901:-

WHITTAKER, Seth Head Mar 64 Cotton Weaving Overlooker Blackburn, Lancashire see Seth Whittaker
WHITTAKER, Margaret Wife Mar 61 - Blackburn, Lancashire
WHITTAKER, Minnie Granddau - 5 - Broadbottom, Cheshire see Minnie Whittaker

RG number: RG13 Piece: 3803 Folio: 56 Page: 29
Registration District: Ashton Under Lyne Sub District: Mottram Enumeration District: 4
Ecclesiastical Parish: St Michael Mottram in Longdendalewith St Mary Magdalene
Civil Parish: Mottram (Cheshire)
Address: 12, Temperance Street, Mottram (Cheshire.)

Children of Margaret Ainsworth and Seth Whittaker

James Arcus

ID# 2920, b. 1857, d. before 1891
James Arcus was born in 1857.

James Arcus was the son of John Arcus.

in 1883 James Arcus lived at Summer Gardens, Morecambe, Lancashire, England.

James Arcus married Sarah Alice Morris, daughter of Joseph Morris, on 4 August 1883 at Catholic Chapel, Pilkington Street, Great Bolton, Bolton, Lancashire, England,
James Arcus 26 Bachelor, Actor res: Summer Gardens, Morecambe fa: John Arcus (Deceased), Actor
Sarah Alice Morris 19 Spinster, -- res: Mine House Lane, Great Bolton fa: Joseph Morris (Deceased), ---
Sarah signed and James made his mark
Witnesses: Joshua Hewitt & Sarah Ann Powers.

James Arcus died before 1891
assumed from Sarah Alice's second marriage, but not certain due to the (deliberate ?) errors on her marriage certificate to William Dearnaley.
No death found until Sep 1900 Bolton.

Interesting aside - a James Arcus (b. Bolton) married Annie Morris (b. Bolton) c. Jun 1894 Wigan.

in 1883 James Arcus was a Actor.