James Oliver

ID# 17324, b. about 1861, d. before 1909
James Oliver was born about 1861.

James Oliver died before 1909.

Child of James Oliver

Johannes Hurlow

ID# 17325, b. 1 May 1698
Johannes Hurlow was also recorded as John Hurlow - (spelling not found but added for indexing.)
Johannes Hurlow was born in April 1698 at Hope, Derbyshire, England.

Johannes Hurlow was baptised on 1 May 1698 at Hope, Derbyshire, England.

Johannes Hurlow was the son of John Hurlow and Mary Dernely.

Thomas Hurler

ID# 17326, b. 9 February 1700
Thomas Hurler was born in January 1700 at Hope, Derbyshire, England.

Thomas Hurler was baptised on 9 February 1700 at Hope, Derbyshire, England.

Thomas Hurler was the son of John Hurlow and Mary Dernely.

Thomas Hide

ID# 17328, b. about 1692
Thomas Hide was born about 1692.

Thomas Hide married Margareta Derneley, daughter of Edward Dernely and Maria Marshall, on 18 March 1714 at St. Peter's Church, Derby, Derbyshire, England,
'Thomas Hide & Margaretta Durnely.'

in 1732
If this is the same Thomas Hide & Margaret who raised a family in Checkley, Staffordshire:
Margaret Hide of Checkley was buried 17 Aug 1771 in Leigh - no age given. Thomas - of Fole Bank Checkley - was buried
27 Feb 1732 in Leigh.
Thomas and Margaret had 5 children, John, Edward, Mary, Hannah & Thomas which fits in with the names of his parents, and possibly Margaret's parents though Edward was popular name for Hides. - JC.

Child of Thomas Hide and Margareta Derneley

John Hide

ID# 17329, b. March 1716


It is currently uncertain whether this John & siblings, all baptized in Checkley, Staffordshire were the children of this Thomas Hide & Margaret. There was a Hide family in Edale (near Hope and Bradwell) including a suitable Thomas Hide 1682. No other Hides have yet been found around Checkley in the right time period. -JAD

Checkley is about 30 miles from Hope, Derbyshire.

John Hide was born in March 1716 at Staffordshire, England.

John Hide was the son of Thomas Hide and Margareta Derneley.

John Hide was baptised on 2 April 1716 at Checkley, Staffordshire, England.

Geoffrey Darnaley

ID# 17330, b. about 1510, d. May 1566
Geoffrey Darnaley was also recorded as Jeffery Darnely.
He was also recorded as Dearnaley - (spelling not found but added for search.)


All dates & children assumed from Geoffrey's will.
birth dates/order unknown.

Geoffrey Darnaley was born about 1510.

Geoffrey Darnaley married (?) (?) about 1532
Possibly Alice.
There is a marriage of Alice Darnely to Robert Gurry 21 Oct 1566. Probably Geofffrey's widow (Geoffrey died in May.) The name Gurry appears in some of the later wills. - JAD.

Geoffrey Darnaley left a will in 1566 at Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.
Geoffrey Darnaley - 1566 will

Testamentum Galfridi Darnaley de Rusheden defuncti

In the name of God Amen the xxj day of Maye in the yere
of our lord god 1566 Item I geve unto Hughe my son[n]e xij shepe
v of them to be (couples) a coawe and bullocke & a quarter of malte,
ij bee heyves and there mother to geve hym sewyinge of
his lande Item to John xij sheppe v of them to be couples a
cowe and a bullocke, a quarter of malte, ij bee heyves and his
to geve hym sowyinge of his lande Item to Raphaell
tenne shepe: three of them to be couples & a wenynge calfe of
this yere and a quarter of malte Item to Thomas lickwyse (and)
Fraunce(s) lickwyse, Item to do(wetyr)* a stere bullocke
v couples and woll sheppe, a quarter of malte and
a quarter of barley and ij bee heyves, a pott and a panne
next the best Item to Mary lickwyse save only the brasse
Item to Jone*** licke unto Marye Item to Willm licke
unto Raphaell

*this looks like a form of ‘daughter’ rather than a personal name

*** this name has a contraction mark above it, possibly Jo[a]ne.

The will has no date of probate attached to it. However, the will copied above this one in the book was proved in May 1566 and it is perhaps reasonable to conclude that Geoffrey Darnaley also died in that year.

NRO Ref: N W 1st Series Book P no.257

Transcribed by Stephen Swailes, 2007 (ed. JAD , 2012)


Geoffrey Darnaley died in May 1566 at Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.

Geoffrey Darnaley was buried on 23 May 1566 at St. Mary's Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.

Children of Geoffrey Darnaley and (?) (?)